Product / ServiceCREATE YOUR TASTE
CategoryA08. Retail stores, restaurants & fast food outlets
EntrantDDB Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company DDB Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency DDB Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production Company EXIT FILMS Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production Company 2 HECKLER Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production Company 3 NYLON STUDIOS Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Brief Explanation

The commercial opens on a tight shot of a man (Harold) in a gourmet restaurant – all shot in slow motion. He is holding a delicious-looking gourmet burger in front of his face before he takes a bite. Some sauce drips from the burger and lands on his shirt, but rather than waste it, he licks it directly off his shirt. We can tell that he is loving every delicious bite. All the while, the voice over talks about the fact that Harold is a foodie, and that he likes to design his own gourmet burgers – which is why he hasn’t been in a McDonald’s for many years. At this point the camera has pulled out wide enough to reveal that Harold is actually in a McDonald’s restaurant, and not some gourmet burger joint. The voice over says “Hello Harold. Introducing Create Your Taste. How very Un McDonald’s.”


Name Company Position
Toby Talbot DDB Sydney Chief Creative Officer
Cam Hoelter DDB Sydney Deputy Executive Creative Director
Steve Jackson DDB Sydney Creative Director
Pete Galmes DDB Sydney Creative Director
Shaun O'Connor DDB Sydney Creative Technology Director
Jade Manning DDB Sydney Senior Creative Team
Vince Osmond DDB Sydney Senior Creative Team
Sarah Hetherington DDB Sydney Executive Producer
Domenic Bartolo DDB Sydney Design Director
Claire Seffrin DDB Sydney Senior Producer
Nicole Taylor DDB Sydney Managing Director
Lisa Hauptmann DDB Sydney Group Business Director
Lisa Little DDB Sydney Business Director
Chris Sinclair DDB Sydney Senior Buisness Manager
Fran Clayton DDB Sydney Head of Planning
Anna Bollinger DDB Sydney Planning Director
Stephen Carroll Exit Films Director
Tobias Webster Exit Films Producer
Dan Lee The Butchery Editor