Product / ServiceSCOUT
CategoryA07. Cars & Automotive Services
EntrantDDB Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company DDB Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency DDB Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production Company ROBBER'S DOG Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production Company 2 THE BUTCHERY Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Production Company 3 ALT.VFX Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Brief Explanation

Skoda is not a well-known brand in Australia. Only people who really do their research, discover it. The open-minded, if you like. The curious. And for our first assignment for Skoda we were tasked with launching their new Scout 4x4, whose off-road capability - which can enable people to go to new places and try new things – makes it the perfect car for curious people. Hence our strategy: “For the curious.” The tone we were looking for was a sophisticated European quirkiness, which is in keeping with the brand personality. In terms of a character to focus on, and deliver a quirky and engaging expression of curiosity, we alighted on the idea of using a truffle pig. After all, it’s well-known that this fellow displays a natural curiosity, which enables him to discover something rare and valuable… the same kind of curiosity that could lead people to discover the Skoda Scout.


Name Company Position
Toby Talbot DDB Sydney Chief Creative Officer
Simon Veksner DDB Sydney Creative Partner
Noah Regan DDB Sydney Creative Partner
Kevin Masters DDB Sydney Senior Writer
Claire Seffrin DDB Sydney Senior Producer
Amanda Wheeler DDB Sydney Managing Partner
Miguel Garcia DDB Sydney Senior Business Director
Ben Quinn Robber's Dog Director
Mark Foster Robber's Dog Executive Producer
Jack Hutchings The Butchery Editor
Michael Imer Skoda Director
Andrew Younis Skoda Retail & Digital Manager