Product / ServiceMOVEBAND2
CategoryB03. Branded Content & Entertainment Film
Entrant Company TOKYU AGENCY Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency TOKYU AGENCY Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company AOI PRO. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company 2 AID-DCC Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

Two Japanese girls, Asami and Yurie, take a trip to a hot springs, but that hot spring hides a terrible secret… This film was made to burn calories efficiently just by watching it. The calorie chart actually plotted on the bottom right is the average of calories burned by 12 test subjects who were measured while watching the movie. Calorie consumption goes way up during scary scenes in the film. Calories burned by the viewer are measured by pressing × (EXIT).


Name Company Position
Tetsushi Kawachi Tokyu Agency Inc. Creative Director/Copywriter/Planner
Maori Sato Tokyu Agency Inc. Agency Art Director
Yoko Osoegawa Tokyu Agency Inc. Planner
Tatsuya Yoshio Tokyu Agency Inc. PR Planner
Hisaya Kato AOI PRO Executive Producer
Kazuki Sato AOI PRO Assistant Producer
Shuhei Terada AOI PRO Production Manager
Hiroki Ono CluB_A Director
Tsutomu Yamaguchi - Sound Mixer
Yoshinari Doi - Special-Effects Makeup
Ayako Takebuchi - Art Dirctor
Masato Seto - Animation
Hiroshi Kawagoe - Music
Yoichi Takahashi - Offline Editor
Yusuke Yamanaka AID-DCC Inc. Web Producer
Daiki Koyama AID-DCC Inc. Web Director
Kazuki Sako AID-DCC.Inc. Web Engineer
Akiharu Sudo Kokushikan University Calorie Validation Expert
Shinichi Kumazawa Tokyu Agency Inc. Account Executive
Ayako Ishii Tokyu Agency Inc. Account Executive