Product / ServiceBAR-B-Q PLAZA
CategoryB03. Branded Content & Entertainment Film
Entrant Company GREYnJ UNITED Bangkok, THAILAND
Advertising Agency GREYnJ UNITED Bangkok, THAILAND
Advertising Agency 2 NINEDOTZ Bangkok, THAILAND
Production Company PHENOMENA Bangkok, THAILAND

Brief Explanation

Bar-B-Q Plaza’s brand belief is to ‘make the most of now’, and on Mother’s Day, we want everyone to make the most of a meal with their mom, including our staff. But because it is one of the busiest days of the year for all restaurants around the country, our staff will be working hard while others can afford to spend time with their mom. As a solution, Bar-B-Q Plaza had arranged a little surprise for our most hardworking employees, especially those living away from home and family. A month before Mother’s Day, we gave them the chance to share a meal and spend a moment with their moms. But to make that bonding moment truly special, we first asked our staff a few simple questions… A few simple questions that we can all ask ourselves too.


Name Company Position
Jureeporn Thaidumrong Nudejeh/Ninedotz Chief Creative Officer
Kanaporn Hutcheson Nudejeh/Ninedotz Managing Director
Andrew Chu NudeJEH Creative Director
Matthana Saetiew Nudejeh Art Director
Arnon Kantawang Nudejeh Art Director
Suradech Prapairat Nudejeh Art Director
Worrawan Chailert Nudejeh Copywriter
Pat Deesawat Nudejeh Copywriter
Wuttinun Nakprom Nudejeh Copywriter
Konthamas Ratanasuvan Nudejeh/Ninedotz Client Service Director
Pojanee Sowantip Ninedotz Account Director
Kodchakorn Walaphon Nudejeh Account Executive
Nattabhat Jumpathong Ninedotz Account Executive
Chalinee Songsroi Ninedotz Social Media Specialist
Prapapan Lekda Ninedotz Social Media Specialist
Kanoksak Kanchanachutha NudeJEH Executive Producer
Jongkoch Dusittanakarin Nudejeh/Ninedotz Strategic Planner
Thanachai Sornsrivichai Phenomena Director
Panida Ngamsompong Phenomena Producer
Duriyin Nadesuwan Komdee Editor