Product / ServiceCABLE TV PROVIDER
CategoryA14. Corporate Image & Communication
Entrant Company SEVEN Makati City, THE PHILIPPINES
Advertising Agency SEVEN Makati City, THE PHILIPPINES
Production Company PABRIKA Makati City, THE PHILIPPINES


Name Company Position
Teeny Gonzales Seven A.D. Chief Executive Officer
Tey San Diego Seven A.D. Chief Operations Officer
Russell Molina Seven A.D. Executive Creative Director
Rina dela Calzada Seven A.D. Creative Director
Maki Correa Seven A.D. Creative Director
Argem Vinuya Seven A.D. Creative Director
Teeny Gonzales Seven A.D. Copywriter
Argem Vinuya Seven A.D. Art Director
Cil del Mundo Seven A.D. Business Unit Director
Carls Echas Seven A.D. Senior Account Manager
Tey San Diego Seven A.D. Planner
Carlo Directo Film Pabrika Director
Steve Vesagas Slingshot Manila Producer
Gabs Santos Slingshot Manila Associate Producer
Allan Feliciano LoudBox Studios Sound Design Arrangement

Brief Explanation

Sky is the first cable TV provider in the Philippines. But despite being in the market for 25 years, it hasn’t established any real connection with the consumers. Brand love is low and people see it as nothing more than a digibox. So in celebration of its 25th year, Sky wanted to make people realize that they have not only been with them all these years but provided endless moments of fun and entertainment through all the shows and channels they’ve enabled them to watch. The task is to create a space in the hearts and minds of the consumers and let them see Sky as a true companion and start building brand love. We captured the relationship the consumers have with Sky and brought it to life through the campaign “Me & My Sky”. The 60-seconder TVC showed a split-screen of Sky’s shows and movies interacting with subscribers, demonstrating the unique relationship between consumer and content and how Sky continues to expand their worlds and enrich their lives.