Product / ServiceCHARITY
CategoryA15. Charities, Public Health, Safety & Awareness Messages
EntrantBBH CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Entrant Company BBH CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Advertising Agency BBH CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Production Company BBH LIVE Shanghai, CHINA

Brief Explanation

Shot in the style of an infomercial, the film adopts the point of view of a callous child trafficker selling kids by offering special deals and discounts in the same way a seller of a product would do. A child trafficker is in a disused warehouse and he speaks to camera behind a balaclava. He goes on to describe how his 'products' can serve different needs for his customers: from a child being sold as a slave laborer to a child bride for the purposes of making babies. As he talks we see the incarcerated children looking solemn as price tags are stamped onto the screen. It ends with a title that reads, 'To a child trafficker there's no difference between selling a child and selling a car. Together we can put them out of business and send the children home. CSAF.'


Name Company Position
Johnny Tan BBH China Chief Creative Officer
Yu Kung BBH China Executive Creative Director
Jenny Jin BBH China Associate Creative Director
Ken Lu BBH China Creative Director
Yu Kung BBH China Director
Maggie Zhou BBH China Account Director
Janel Kok BBH Live Engagement planner
Ella Cao BBH LIVE Film Producer
Deborah Abraham BBH China PR Director
Kevin Xu O-PLUS Executive Director