Silver Spike
CategoryA04. Cosmetics, Beauty, Toiletries and Pharmacy
EntrantDENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company TYO Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

Japan is a stressful society. It’s said that stress can burden the scalp and cause hair to thin, and these days more and more Japanese are suffering from thinning hair. MESOCARE-PLUS shampoo is a beneficial shampoo that reduces stress on the scalp by removing scalp dirt and thereby prevents your hair from thinning. The main character in the CM is shown using the shampoo to overcome the kinds of Japan-specific stress that harass him in his daily life.


Name Company Position
Yuto Ogawa dentsu Copywriter
Yosuke Hiraishi dentsu Creative Director
Wataru Sato TYO-monster Director
Tomomitsu Nakano dentsu Agency Producer
Yuki Awatsu TYO Producer
Koji Onomichi DOP