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Product / ServiceUNI-CUB
CategoryC02. Microsites
EntrantMORI Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company MORI Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency MORI Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency 2 DRILL Tokyo, JAPAN

Creative Execution

In 2014, October 27 The world premier of the video on NBC Today. October 27 Japan premier of the video via Gizmode Japan. October 27 The campaign website was launched. October 31 The making-of video has been uploaded to the website. November 3 The Interactive content has been added to the website.

Only 10 hours after the launch, the video reached 1 million views, and in 6 days, it reached over 10 million. Now it counts over 20 million views. Since the launch, the page views of the campaign website reached 241,000, the unique users counted to 211,000, and over 62,000 user-generated videos have been created so far. The number of access to Honda's UNI-CUB global website increased by 1,487% compared with the same time last year. (19,637 PV in the end of March, 2014,  291,968 PV in the end of March 2015)

UNI-CUB is a new personal mobility device developed by Honda. For its global branding effort, they created a “collaborative music video” with popular band, OK Go. The entire video was filmed in one continuous shot with a drone from 0 meters to 700 meters above ground. In 10 hours the video reached 1 million views. In 6 days, 10 million and currently 20 million and counting. The microsite provided the making-of, product information and an interactive video which allowed users to design their own mass game. The sequential launches kept the campaign viral for a long period of time. 


Name Position
Morihiro Harano Creative Director 
Jun Nishida Art Director
Yusuke Kitani Interactive
Ryo Tsukiji Interactive
Kousei Motoyoshi Interactive
Nobuaki Arikata Interactive
Kenshiro Nakashima Interactive
Junichi Arakawa Interactive
Masanobu Ishii Interactive
Kazuyuki Iwata UNI-CUB
Hirokazu Hara UNI-CUB
Shinichiro Kobashi UNI-CUB
Makoto Hasegawa UNI-CUB
Aiko Ishikawa Translator
Ryuzo Tsutsui Translator
Sumire Matsumura Translator
Shiro Miyamoto Agency Producer
Naoyuki Masuda Agency Producer
Misato Tachibana Agency Producer
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