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CategoryF04. Innovative Use of Social or Community (including emerging platforms for brands)
Advertising Agency DDB GROUP NEW ZEALAND Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

Creative Execution

The campaign launched on Trade Me with the auctions, each of the auctions explained what we wanted Trade Me to do and asked people to get involved. We used social media to spread the auctions, asking our followers to share, bid and sign our petition. Investigative news stories ran that night proving that Trade Me really did need to change. The next day the money raised in the auctions went towards running our YouTube Prerolls, web banners, tv commercials and newspaper ad. Then we continued to tell the story with PR and on social media until Trade Me responded.

We reached the people we were targeting and the day after our campaign launched, Trade Me caved to public pressure and announced through the media that they would set new rules for anyone selling animals on their site. - With a budget of only $15,000 we gained over $1million worth of earned media. - Our story appeared on every major media outlet in New Zealand. - 16.5million impressions on Twitter and Facebook - An 83% organic reach on Facebook. - 27,000signatures, 7000 more than our goal. - Over 100bids and thousands of page views on our auctions.

Trade Me is New Zealand’s version of eBay. In fact Trade Me is so big, New Zealand doesn’t even have eBay. 81% of the population use it to sell everything from houses to puppies. Trade Me have no rules about how puppies on their website should be bred, sold or cared for. Sellers don’t need permits, vet checks, and site visits and there are no limits to how many litters their breeding dogs can have. This has created the perfect selling platforms for puppy mills. Animal rights group, Paw Justice, wanted Trade Me to take some responsibility and set regulations to help stop puppy milling. So we used Trade Me against itself by seamlessly integrating our message into Trade Me's website We created ads against Trade Me. Then we sold these ads on Trade Me and used the money we raised from the auctions to run the campaign.


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Damon Stapleton DDB Group New Zealand Chief Creative Officer
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