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Product / ServiceAIRBNB
CategoryE04. Other Video
Production Company SIX TOES Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production Company 2 CIRKUS Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

Creative Execution

We created a handmade world that dramatises the feeling you get while traveling with Airbnb. Everything was constructed around a model train track. A camera was mounted on to a model train and it was filmed in-camera without any computer-generated imagery in a single, 60-second take. All external movements were mechanical – not animated or created in post-production. The different transitions were hand-operated and had to be incredibly coordinated. We had nine different people doing several jobs at once, running around to get ahead of the train to fold items up, tilt things over or to rotate the scenery.

Travellers everywhere embraced the film, with over 28,143,336 million views globally, with APAC contributing 21,672,328 of those views and counting. With an engagement rate of 4,79%, far exceeding industry benchmarks, and a click through rate of 2,75% on desktop (62% higher than industry benchmarks) and 2,27%% on mobile (338% higher than industry benchmarks) this ended up driving over 960,935 potential buyers to our website. A 31% lower CPV (Cost Per View) than benchmarks also gave us savings of $137,000 in media investment and helped us reach No. 1 in Google's organic search.

Airbnb was founded only 7 years ago (2008) with the vision to redefine the hospitality industry. Its mission is to create a world where anyone feels like he or she belongs anywhere. Establishing this mission means competing not only with hotels, but also with other travel/accommodation booking sites. Many people are still unaware of the Airbnb brand and its product. Although the unaided awareness in Singapore is slightly higher than the global unaided awareness, there is still a big task to do in terms of 1) making sure people know the brand and 2) making people understand what the brand offers and how it works. A key insight which we derived was that when you travel, the world around you feels smaller. When you are part of the Airbnb community, that feeling grows even stronger because you meet people at a local level in their own boroughs and neighbourhoods.


Name Company Position
Gary Steele TBWA\Singapore Creative Director
James Holman TBWA\Singapore Copywriter
Nuno Teixeira TBWA\Singapore Art Director
Nirmalo Wilkes, Joyce Wong, Neha Sethi TBWA\Singapore Account Management
Ruben Beijer TBWA\Singapore Strategy Director
Matthias Schuecking Airbnb APAC Head of Marketing
Jonathan Mildenhall Airbnb Chief Marketing Officer
Rachel Holbrook Airbnb Head of Global Production
Haydn Evans Six Toes TV Executive Producer
Christian Greet, Norman Yeend Cirkus Directors
Marko Klijn Cirkus Executive Producer
Christian Greet, Andrew McGeorge Cirkus Directors of Photography
Zara Hayden, Puteri Raja Ariff Cirkus Production
Dylan Coburn Cirkus Storyboarding
Laura Dubuk Cirkus Concept Artist
Christian Greet, Gracie Spence Cirkus Lighting
Oliver Daldry Platinum & Rye Music
Norman Yeend, Dion Boothby, Barry Down, Tim Wells, Philip Stokes, Ashley Turner, Henric Matthiesen Cirkus Model Making & Design
Justin Buckingham Glasshammer Model Making & Design
Sandesh Codhadu Cirkus The making of
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