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Product / ServiceAIR NEW ZEALAND
CategoryF05. Applications / Tools
Entrant Company ASATSU-DK Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency ASATSU-DK Tokyo, JAPAN

Creative Execution

This innovative request system creates a leave application customized to generate the most effective and positive response. In the microsite, choose your boss amongst your Facebook friends. Then simply check the date, where in New Zealand you want to go, and most importantly, match it to your boss’s personality. From more than 2000 patterns, the system automatically generates the most persuasive content for your boss, with the essence of Air New Zealand. The system appealed especially to shy young employees who have long given up in taking their vacations. 

In one month term, the microsite scored 11,000 Likes. Thousands of requests overflowed online, increasing persuasion and generating even more leave applications. Normally reluctant bosses approved the vacation request with joy. Employees also had the chance to be reminded in taking vacations, through their friend’s posts on their SNS timeline. And in 2014, Japan scored its best leave rate in over 6 years. (2014 Vacation Deprivation® study by Expedia) Raising awareness of Air New Zealand, conveying the profile and depth of the country, lead to great increase on sales 254% vs same time previous year.

Air New Zealand was struggling to get Japanese to visit New Zealand. Low name recognition of the country and the habit of Japanese was the main reasons. Our objective was to raise awareness and deepen understanding of Air New Zealand, also increasing the sales of airline. To truly grab the heart of the audience, we focused on solving the main problem that Japanese employees have, “to take a vacation.” Japanese are famous for hard working, hardly taking a vacation, with worst acquisition rate for 6 years. (Vacation Deprivation® study by Expedia) The complicated leave request form is the first problem. Then you need to humbly persuade your boss at work, very difficult for shy Japanese. So Air New Zealand created a simple solution. "‘Leave It to Us’ Request System" - not advertising, but a service


Name Company Position
Fumitaka Takano ADK Creative Director
Hirokazu Matsushige 1-10design, Inc Planner / Interactive Produce
Ryusuke Dohi ADK Planner
Tetsuya Umeda ADK Planner
Tadashi Watano 1-10design, Inc Planner / Interactive Director
Hiroyuki Kubo 1-10design, Inc Art Director
Akane Toda 1/10design.inc Designer
Takumi Obayashi 1-10design, Inc Designer
Hirokazu Fujioka 1-10design, Inc Frontend Engineer
Hiroko Nakahara 1/10design.inc Frontend Engineer
Ryosuke Emi 1-10design, Inc Frontend Engineer
Shunsuke Kotani 1-10design, Inc Backend Engineer
STOMACHACHE llustrator
Michael Lam 1-10design, Inc llustrator
Shunichi Takano TYO, Inc. Executive Producer
Tatsuhiro Ishikawa TYO, Inc. Producer
Yohei Osabe Film Director
Shuhei Onaga ADK Director of photography
Shigeki Igawa ADK Account Supervisor
Aiko Teranishi ADK Senior Account Executive
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