Short List
CategoryH02. Branded Tech off-line (incl. Digital Installation/Exhibit)
EntrantSIX Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company SIX Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency SIX Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency 2 HAKUHODO CREATIVE VOX Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency 3 HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company TYO INC Tokyo, JAPAN

Creative Execution

We opened two interactive restaurants - one in Tokyo and another in Osaka, both being major cities of Japan. These restaurants connect couples living 400km apart by bringing them together to virtually one dinner table. We connected them with a mobile communication line, which transmitted video chat proceedings projected onto a life-size screen. Furthermore, by using various technologies such as AUGMENTED REALITY and MOTION SENSOR, a special experience was provided to make couples feel as if they are in one place together. This idea also proposed a challenge to the future possibilities of telecommunications.

The restaurant was booked solid instantly. As couples, wives and husbands, parents and children experienced their dinners, this restaurant became the most talked-about place during the Christmas season. Its promotion video was played more than 1 million times in one week, which was accompanied by great exposure on TV and WEB media. More than anything, we were able to prove that this novel way of connecting hearts can provide a completely new type of memory in the minds of the participants.

The creative goal was to boost brand likeability by building a hearty bond between the users and the brand, so that the enterprise could become the first player to free itself out from competition on prices and specifications. To achieve this, we decided to transform “telecommunication” which is invisible, to something emotional that everybody can tangibly experience. Unlike in other countries, many Japanese couples take Christmas Eve as an opportunity to have a romantic dinner. In that sense, it's more like the Valentine's Day. However, many Japanese couples in long-distance relationships cannot get together on Christmas Eve because they are too busy with work. Therefore, AU (a major Japanese communication enterprise) with its company theme, “connecting people’s hearts together”, offered the couples a desirable opportunity.


Name Company Position
Takayuki Hino SIX INC Creative Director
Kenta Ikoma HAKUHODO CREATIVE VOX Creative Director / Copy Writer
Ken Okamuro Hakuhodo Art Director
Fumio Shiosaka TYO inc ID div. Web Director
Kyoichi Shibukawa TYO inc Producer
Yoshihiro Yano TYO inc Production Manager
Kazuma Kitada TOKYO Film Director
Shingo Ikeura Cinematographer
Hiroki Kurihara Lighting Director
Aki Kasai CARNIVAL Production Designer
Naoki Yamada Stylist
Keiko Osada Hair-make
Yuuri Hasegawa OIP Casting Director
Thomas Suess audioforce Music
Masayuki Narum ACTIVE CINE CLUB Offline Editor
Chitoshi Murata IMAGICA Online Editor
Eiichi Shimoda Run-Hun,sha CG Designer
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