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Product / ServiceROBOT MOTOMAN-MH25
CategoryE01. Social Video
Entrant Company ENGINE FILM Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company ENGINE FILM Tokyo, JAPAN

Creative Execution

We decided to appeal the technical superiority by demonstrating the legendary Samurai skill called "Iai".Iai is the ultimate sword movement that is the most agile and flexible at the same time.We challenged to recreate the superhuman sword movement by Isao Machii,the master of Iai with Yaskawa's core industrial robot,MOTOMAN-NH24,How close a robot can get close to a man? Facing the eternal theme of the robot technology,we dear to exhibit the supreme technology of Yaskawa,and the endless curiosity behind it.

The movie was played more than 4 million times on youtube.It was picked up as a hot topic on such major media as TIME,CNN,The Wall Street Journal,The INDEPENDENT,earning the promotional value of more than 8,000,000 dollars.

With this film, we wanted to spread the name of “YASKAWA” a world wide known company. By "YASKAWA BUSHIDO PROJECT", we reproduced Japanese Samurai master's swordplay with MOTOMAN-MH24, while the industrial robot's performance is challenging its limitations of integrating "legerity", "accuracy" and "agility" at extremely high level. By showing our challenge, we believe that our audience could felt our Japanese diligent spirit and our passion toward technology.


Name Company Position
Mitsushi Abe DENTSU INC. Creative Director
Syunsuke Kaga DENTSU INC. Communication Planner
Fuyuki Onuki DENTSU INC. Copywriter
Saito Tomonori DENTSU INC. Art Director
Jun Fukui DENTSU INC. Acount Executive
Nishina Noriko DENTSU CREATIVE FORCE INC. Agency Producer
Michiru Kobayashi ENGINE FILM INC. Producer
Yuichi Ninagawa ENGINE FILM INC. Producer
Taiichiro Tabata ENGINE FILM INC. Production Manager
Kensaku Kakimoto office SAKU INC. Director
Masaya Nakahara freelance Photographer
Naoyuki Kondo freelance Photographer
Tetsu moridera freelance light directar
Ryo Nobuka freelance art directar
Kenichi Ogino ALLd. INC. motion design
Naoki Takahashi SOUNDROIDO INC. SE
Masahiro Hasegawa freelance Colorist
Hirohide Ibusuki SIS INC. Grip
JEMAPUR office SAKU INC. Sound Directar
Isao Machii freelance Cast
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