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Product / ServiceJUST
CategoryE03. Webisodes/Series
Production Company RAPID FILMS Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Creative Execution

just* was available at markets and specially designed interactive billboards while our communication centered around 12 ‘how to’ demonstration videos that were shown as pre-roll ads on YouTube and were also housed on the just* website. The videos encouraged people to switch to our natural alternatives in a fun and engaging way by demonstrating how easy it is to turn natural products – already found in most households - like lemons, bananas or baking soda into cleaning and cosmetic products. The videos also linked back to WWF’s main website for people learn more about WWF’s core aim: creating a world where humans and nature live in harmony.

A fresh, new approach that has successfully engaged participants to actively change their own consuming behaviour for the better. Our simple but powerful message grabbed people’s imagination and just* was featured by various media outlets across the country and worldwide. Results in first 2 weeks: $550,000+ earned media coverage Campaign reach of over 23 million people 18 million media impressions. Over 11,000 visits to our market stores in 4 days 73,000 organic social interactions 100% positive sentiment 800 kgs of alternative product distributed The campaign has been so well received that WWF-Australia are looking to rollout the campaign internationally across their global network.

WWF’s 2014 Living-Planet-Report revealed that Australia has one of the largest ecological footprints per capita. If the rest of the world lived like we do, the regenerative capacity of 3.6 earths is needed to sustain our demands on nature. For the target – Australians of all ages with some environmental awareness – these figures can be daunting. Individually, they feel powerless. So we needed to remind them that, collectively, they can make a difference. To do this we wanted to show them that there are often simple and natural alternatives to many everyday products that can reduce their impact on the environment. So we repackaged these alternatives, creating a range of sustainable products called just*. The just* range features common, natural ingredients that can easily replace more wasteful and chemically heavy products. For example lemons can become glass cleaner, grapefruit a bath cleaner and oats a skincare product.


Name Company Position
Andy Dilallo Leo Burnett Sydney Chief Creative Officer
Vince Lagana Leo Burnett Sydney Executive Creative Director
Grant Mcaloon Leo Burnett Sydney Executive Creative Director
Bruno Nakano Leo Burnett Sydney Art Director / Designer
Bjoern Ingenleuf Leo Burnett Sydney Copywriter
Cassie Collin Leo Burnett Sydney Integrated Producer
Keong Seet Leo Burnett Sydney Digital Developer/ Photographer
Nancy Yonathan Leo Burnett Sydney Finished Artist
Janifer Wong Leo Burnett Sydney Digital Designer
Edward Copestick Leo Burnett Sydney Editor/ Videographer
Susannah DiLallo Rapid Films Executive Producer
Rita Gagliardi Rapid Films Producer
Craig Rasmus Rapid Films Director
Ben Eagleton BE Grade
Toni Higginbotham Toni Higginbotham Casting Casting Director
Belinda Drew/Natasha Floyer/ Samuel MacDonnel/ Andrew Dengate Leo Burnett Sydney Account Management
Sophie Walton/ Vanessa Muller Leo Burnett Sydney PR/Social Media
Kurt Sneddon Bedford and Pearce Lead Actor
Marni Ryan WWF National Marketing Manager
Earle Dresner Rapid Films DOP
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