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Product / ServiceGOLF
CategoryB02. Cars & Automotive
EntrantDDB Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company DDB Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency DDB Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production Company ROBBER'S DOG Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production Company 2 THE EDITORS Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production Company 3 WE LOVE JAM Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Creative Execution

We took it to Blinman, a small town with no corners, no rain and no need to reverse park. We then asked real locals to take our Golf for test drives and filmed the results. The test drives were then turned into a series of online films for facebook called The Tough Sell.

The campaign has been in market for six weeks, which is only a fraction of the campaign duration but early results are very positive. We’ve managed to reach the same size audience we would with TV, but done it with close to 1/5 of the spend. Of the people we reached, we’ve achieved six times the normal shift in message association we would expect from TV, changing the attitudes of potential customers. We’ve also seen in an ongoing Nielsen tracking study a ten-point lift in recall, and two-point lift in ‘associated with advanced technologies’, which outperforms any TV campaign we’ve run in the past five years.

The Volkswagen Golf is full of advanced features perfect for city driving. Which is great if you need them, but what if you don’t? To educate people in the city about the Golf’s new features, Volkswagen decided to put it through the ultimate torture test: sell the Golf in a remote Australian town with zero use for its features.


Name Company Position
Toby Talbot DDB Sydney Chief Creative Officer
Cam Hoelter DDB Sydney Deputy Executive Creative Director
Matt Chandler DDB Sydney Senior Creative
Ben Pearce DDB Sydney Senior Creative
Amanda Wheeler DDB Sydney Managing Partner
Sam Payne DDB Sydney Strategy Director
Caroline David DDB Sydney Senior Producer
Harriet Burton Taylor DDB Sydney TV Producer
Robert Crispe DDB Sydney Content Director/ Editor
Carla Hizon DDB Sydney Business Director
Shaun O'Connor DDB Sydney Creative Technology Director
Pete Galmes DDB Sydney Creative Director
Sam Peacocke Robber's Dog Director
Loren Bradley/ Mark Foster Robber's Dog Executive Producer
George Mackenzie Robber's Dog Managing Director
David Whittaker The Editors Editor
Nicoletta Rousianos The Editors Post Producer
Billy Wychgel The Editors Colourist
Hylton Mowday We Love Jam Music Composition
Andrew Stevenson We Love Jam Sound Design/ Managing Partner
Dominic Bartolo DDB Sydney Designer
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