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Entrant303LOWE Sydney, AUSTRALIA
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Production Company THE FEDS Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Creative Execution

The Sinkers range was launched with a series of commercials starring Australian celebrity ambassadors, who shared the spot on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (note: special edits were made for Instagram). The spots were also seeded using bloggers/influencers with reach in our target audience (EG: Gaming blogs). Following launch, more celebrities/influencers got on board to co-create their own videos featuring the drinks shared via Instagram. Finally, we selected some of Australia's most popular YouTube content creators with big followings among our audience, to create awareness videos in their own unique style using our 'Sinkers' cans and key message.

Our strategy turned $50,000 media spend into $920,000 of media value, delivering reach and engagement at a fraction of the cost of traditional paid media. Over 1.6 million videos views and counting. The total social stats on Facebook, Instagram Twitter, and YouTube are: 83,957 Likes 2,572 Comments 1,548 Shares Media coverage in Australia and abroad. We reached more young Australian males than ever before. With organic video views still building, the campaign continues to transform attitudes among young Aussie males to remind them of the dangers of drinking & swimming.

Objective Prevent young Australian males from drowning after drinking. Some 41% of drowning deaths each year involve alcohol. Insight 15-25 year old males don’t want to be told what to do. They are cynical of traditional methods such as government branded scare messaging. It’s also lost effectiveness with them because: - They are hard to reach via traditional media - Their media consumption is concentrated online - Their behaviour is driven by entertainment and socialisation Idea Because they enjoy a drink, we made them one. ‘Sinkers' - an undrinkable parody of popular pre-mixed drinks, combining alcohol with swimming locations. Strategy Use social influencers and celebrities to make our target audience aware of the dangers and change their behaviour. It was vital the campaign didn’t come across as government preaching, as our audience would switch off.


Name Company Position
Richard Morgan 303Lowe Executive Creative Director
David Biddle 303Lowe Copywriter
Sal Cavallaro 303Lowe Art Director
Laura Dewey 303Lowe Account Manager
Tony Dunseath 303Lowe Head of Business Management
Phil Watson 303Lowe Creative Director
Paula Cardona 303Lowe Designer
Brad Morris 303Lowe Digital Director
Sean Ascroft 303Lowe Agency Producer
James Wix 303Lowe Print Producer
Sophie Hohnen 303Lowe Media Planner
Adam Whitehead 303Lowe Head of Art
Josh Logue The Feds Director
Amanda Fry Holysmoke! Agency PR Director
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