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Creative Execution

We created an online persona for Melanoma who ‘liked’, ‘followed’, and commented on young Australians’ social media activities, in real time. An application linked to Twitter and Instagram web APIs was developed to search for posts from a library of popular hashtags and geolocations. The application aggregated these posts and notified our social media team in real-time so they could respond with creepy messages from Melanoma. We sent millions of individually tailored messages, straight to our hard-to-reach audience and helped them check for melanomas. A potent reminder that whenever you’re in the sun, so is Melanoma

The objective of the Melanoma Likes Me campaign was to reach people at the key moment they were exhibiting unsafe sun behavior. It was less about driving huge traffic to the website, but more about making them put on sunscreen and a t-shirt. We actually managed to do both. Over 2 million people received our messages during Summer. With an earned media value in excess of $5 million. The algorithm cost $430 to create. Unique Visits to the Skincheck mobile site Week One increased by 144% Unique Visit to the Skincheck mobile site during the Summer campaign increased by 1371%

Whilst many people think melanoma only happens to older people, in actual fact, more and more young Australians are being diagnosed with melanoma. It is the most lethal cancer for those aged between 15 and 30. The target audience for this campaign were those aged 15-30 who were regularly out in the sun. Melanoma was not top of mind for them, and traditional advertising warning messages were easy to ignore. Coupling that, their appetite for mainstream media was at an all-time low. They barely watched TV, listened to radio or read press. They were however, voracious users of social media. We wanted to find a way to make young people think about their sun smart behavior at the exact moment they were out in the sun.


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Ben Coulson George Patterson Y&R Chief Creative Officer - ANZ
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Isabella Caruso George Patterson Y&R Art Director
Rob Hudson George Patterson Y&R Chief Digital Officer
Grace Francis George Patterson Y&R Digital Producer
Fiona Caird George Patterson Y&R Group Account Director
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