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Product / Service_GENIC' ALBUM RELEASE
CategoryA10. Overall Aesthetic Design/Best Practice
EntrantEPOCH Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company EPOCH Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency EPOCH Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company EPOCH Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company 2 DOT BY DOT, JAPAN
Production Company 3 STORIES Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Dimension Point / stella 88 Creative Director
Shujiro Ishizawa EPOCH Inc. Producer
Yoshiaki Shiota DENTSU Account Executive
Wataru Sasaki EPOCH Inc. Planner / Director
Daisuke Kosaka EPOCH Inc. Project Manager
Yusuke Tominaga dot by dot inc. Producer
Kenichi Seki dot by dot Inc. Project Manager
Taichi Ito dot by dot Inc. Designer
Saqoosha dot by dot Inc. Technical Director / Programmer
Koki Ibukuro dot by dot Inc. Programmer
Takanobu Izukawa dot by dot Inc. System Engineer
Wataru Saito EPOCH Inc. Film Director
Kohei Takeda stories-llc Film Producer
Isao Okudaira Cinematographer
Jun Maeda Lighting Director
Shigeru Arai ORCA Production Designer
Akira Noda Iris Artist Stylist
Satomi Kurihara air notes Artist Hair & Make-Up
Lili EPOCH Inc. VFX Director
Itaru kunieda Dentsu Public Relations inc. Promoter
Kota Yamaji EPOCH Inc. Offline Editor
EPOCH, Tokyo Advertising Agency, City
Ryo Ikeda SONICJAM Tokyo WebGL Developer
Tasuku Sakamoto visual and echo japan Front-end engineer
Shoutaro Kamogawa eizotsushin Online Editor
Hiroki Ueyama Line Producer
Hisahito Yamada BABEL LABEL Line Producer
Yota Tasaki Khaki VFX Director
Ryo Takatama HIGHER BALL VFX Producer

Creative Execution

A normal Youtube version and a "For Google-Chrome" version were created. The Google-Chrome version featured extra content that utilized chrome extensions. The idea was that the video "hacked" the browser, doing things like increasing the number of tabs, and placing lyrics in the address bar in time to the music, along with other techniques involving user input. At the end, the singer holds out her hand, and an automatic download is initiated with a handwritten letter from her, giving the video a personal and more interactive feeling. Finally the artist information can be automatically placed on the Chrome Home-screen.

The total number of plays exceeded 1 million within a month. Further, the number of times artist information was transmitted via home-screens is over 90 million, with 81% of access coming from Google-chrome making a wide range of users try Google Chrome. The promotion was popular on SNS, along with TV, magazines and web-news. It won 4 crowns, winning first place in all major music charts; Oricon-weekly-album-ranking, Billboard-JAPAN-HOT-albums-chart, iTunes-weekly-album-chart, and Reco-Chok-album-weekly. In the first week it took first-place for the Japanese female solo artist section for cumulative sales 2015 despite no new recording, unreleased song announcements, and being a non-tie-up-album.

The aim was to gain new listeners, and also to promote the theme of the song "you can do anything". Both aims were achieved using innovative digital techniques to draw new customers who would`t normally come into contact with Nami Amuro`s music, and using digital technology to create a mysterious and fantastical experience to communicate that "anything is possible". Google chrome extensions were used to "hijack" the browser, allowing users to compare the "normal" youtube version of the video to a special Google chrome version. This created an experience outside of the music itself to gain a wider audience, and the comparison strengthened showed viewers that anything is possible by contrasting normal and Google Chrome Versions.


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