Silver Spike
Product / ServiceTHAIRATH TV
CategoryA02. Non-Fiction: series or film
Contributing Company BBDO BANGKOK, THAILAND
Production Company INFINITE BANGKOK Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Suthisak Sucharittanonta BBDO Bangkok Chief Creative Officer
Suthisak Sucharittanonta BBDO Bangkok Executive Creative Director
Suthisak Sucharittanonta BBDO Bangkok Creative Director
Chalit Manuyakorn BBDO Bangkok Creative Director
Choojai Ka Kalayanamitr BBDO Bangkok Creative Director
Apichai Inthutsingh BBDO Bangkok Asso. Creative Director
Suthisak Sucharittanonta BBDO Bangkok Art Director
Rook Floro BBDO Bangkok Art Director
Tiabtawan Limjittrakorn BBDO Bangkok Art Director
Suthisak Sucharittanonta BBDO Bangkok Copywriter
Taksina Vasaruchapong BBDO Bangkok Client Service Director
Thasorn Boonyanate BBDO Bangkok Copywriter
Udomsak Lekkrajang Longdo Production Director Of Photography
Nanthana Kumpiranont BBDO Bangkok Agency Producer
Sorasart Wisetsin Longdo Production Director
Chalit Manuyakorn BBDO Bangkok Executive Creative Director

The Campaign

In Thailand, blind people are often perceived as inferior. They are treated as an invaluable group of people and given less job opportunities. Thailand association for the blind wanted to change the perception of society and make their disability the new ability.



One insight we learned from the blind is that losing the sense of sight enhanced their other senses: touch, sound, smell and taste. Based on this insight along with thai's love of food, together with Thailand association for the blind, Thairath tv created ‘BLINDTASTE’ -- Thailand's first ever food critic tv program hosted by the blind. It focuses solely on the taste and smell of food, but not the look of it. It reminds the audience to look further to the inside of each dish and each person. We got many celebrities to try out to be blind for one day and have the blind to lead their ways throughout the show. So everyone can also really see what the blind are capable of.

The content became an instant hit, it was reposted online on hundreds of website, spreading the show to more than hundred of millions impressions. Every week people will be waiting for an honest food comments from the blind and follow their recommendations. The post-launch statistic shown more than 50 episodes, total minutes 2,250 min. 80% prefers food critics from blind people 76% awards of their other capabilities most important we’ve changed the perception of the blind from one that only sees the disability to one that is full of unseen potential.

In Thailand, blind people are often perceived to be inferior but losing one sense enhances the others;especially a sense of taste.BBDO & Proximity Thailand helped Thailand association of the blind create blind taste, a food critic tv show Hosted by blind people in order to find restaurants where food is all about the taste rather than their looks.The show became instant hits. The blind is not only capable of being a lotto seller but the one with a real ability.