Bronze Spike
Product / Service7-ELEVEN
CategoryA01. Fiction: series or film
Entrant Company DENTSU K Taipei, CHINESE TAIPEI
Contributing Company 2 DENTSU K Taipei, CHINESE TAIPEI
Production Company BOKU FILMS Taipei, CHINESE TAIPEI


Name Company Position
Judy Tao Dentsu K Inc. Chief Creative Officer
Hayley Wen Dentsu K Inc. Group Creative Director
Hide Liu Dentsu K Inc. Interactive Associate Creative Director
Tiger Yang Dentsu K Inc. Associate Creative Director
Judy Tao Dentsu K Inc. Art Director
Tiger Yang Dentsu K Inc. Art Director
Barney Lin Dentsu K Inc. Art Director
Rex Chen Dentsu K Inc. Associate Art Director
Hayley Wen Dentsu K Inc. Copy Director
Ethan Wei Dentsu K Inc. Copy Director
Winnie Cheng Dentsu K Inc. Copywriter
Tony Fan Dentsu K Inc. Account Director
Ivonne Liao Dentsu K Inc. Interactive Account Manager
Serena Hsu Dentsu K Inc. Account Manager
Ivy Lin Dentsu K Inc. Agency Producer
Yang Zhong Fan Boku films Director
Ta Pu Chen Boku films Cinematographer
Xian Wen Chen Boku films Gaffer
Yang Zhong Fan Boku films Editor
Ya Hui Hsiao Boku films Executive Production Producer
Po Chun Hsiao Boku films Production Producer

The Campaign

Except violent, gory, and defamatory content which are not acceptable, there is no specific regulatory restrictions. Limited by budget and time length, the most suitable channel for "7 lessons about single life" campaign is online.


Challenge In Taiwan, single population has reached nearly 10 million, accounted for 43% of the total population. 7- ELEVEN nestles in almost every street corner, ready to provide services and products customized for single people. For single people, 7- ELEVEN is just like another kitchen, or another family member. Except for satisfying Single people’s daily life, how do we attach importance to their emotional needs? Objectives Singles’ Day falls on every November 11th. China is the only country in the world that has set aside a special day for singles to celebrate their lives. On 11/11, the Singles’ Day in 2014. 7-ELEVEN aimed to express the “single friendly” image of 7- ELEVEN. Strategy We attempt to single section as a starting point. Through the story of a single in 7-segment, we convey the real demands of life in a single state, and cleverly link the role of the brand,7-11, whereby the expansion of the brand spread to various age levels. Execution On 11/11, We launched “7 lessons about single life” online campaign. Inspired by true stories happened in 7-ELEVEN, 4 short films and 3 short stories has been released. The main characters in stories have to deal with social pressure yet harbor their own issues. 7-ELEVEN not only accompanies them through the period of being single, but help them gain precious lessons about life.

This Singles’ Days campaign is designed for single people. By using 7 stories, we teach singles how to live better lives. By using different single group’s stories such as widow, single girl, working professional woman, nerd who’s at the age of getting married…etc. We evoke resonance among customers, and make them go on the website to understand the multi services 7-ELEVEN provides for single people. We launched the site through the mass flow of Internet video and importing media, web content introduce the convenience offered by a single service to consumers by the ways of lives.

Within 2 months, the event has received: 1,088,080 views on Youtube 1165,687 page views 44,212 event attendees and online poll

In Taiwan’s social consciousness or traditional advertisement, we can often see attractive men and women falling in love; however, single people rarely obtain our attention. According to statistics, single people have grown over the past years and have been accounted for almost 43% of Taiwan’s total population. Therefore, we need to value and respect single people’s psychological needs. As a convenience store brand, 7-ELEVEN first proposed the idea of being single friendly; it not only brings all the single people together, but also makes the public start to care about single people’s feeling and need.