Product / ServiceMOTORCYCLES
CategoryA01. Fiction: series or film
Contributing Company HAVAS WORLDWIDE JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company CUTTERS Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company 2 NORTH SHORE Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company 3 ALBUQUERQUE FILM Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
David Morgan Havas Worldwide Tokyo Executive Creative Director
Atsushi Ishiwata Havas Worldwide Tokyo Creative Director
Ryan McGuire Cutters Tokyo Creative Supervisor
Yukihiro Shoda Keep It Real Director
Timo Otsuki Cutters Tokyo Executive Producer
Ko Yamamoto North Shore Producer
Koichi Sakamoto Albuquerque Film Producer
Taira Kono Albuquerque Film Assistant Producer
Yuji Hashimura North Shore Production Manager
Ryoken Okamura Freelance DOP Lighting Cameraman
Megumi Irino Cutters Tokyo Post Production
Aki Mizutani Cutters Tokyo Editor
Ben Conkey Cutters Tokyo Colorist
Yusaku Yasuda Cutters Tokyo VFX Artist
Bum Bum Freelance Sound Design
Ryo Nishikawa Dearrts Mixer
Peter Moody Havas Worldwide Tokyo Managing Director
Kosuke Mizutani Havas Worldwide Tokyo Account Director
Noriyoshi Nagane Havas Worldwide Tokyo Account Executive

The Campaign

For the most part Branded Entertainment in Japan is relatively free from regulations. Consumers largely want and anticipate brands playing the role of entertainer*, and many large national brands have started to use the format more and more, making it very hard to cut through. This is because the dominant ad format is 15 seconds, and it’s tough to tell a story in that short period of time. But for fans, finding high quality stories produced in a branded entertainment that allows them to explore their passions more deeply is a smart and viable way to create deeper engagement with fans who crave more than just taglines from their favorite brands. * Prosumer Report “The Selfie Generation” November 2014 published by Havas. 57% of Prosumers surveyed expected brands to play the entertainer role in Japan


The "Make Life A Ride" film was created with the intention of igniting within new riders and return riders a desire for freedom and unstoppable adventure. From childhood through youthful growing pains to adulthood we follow the story of one individual. We witness his passion for the freedom that ‘two wheels’can bring and we see that motorbikes are a reliable constant. The film reflects BMW Motorrad's attitude in celebrating people's' fundamental ambition to expand their world by being adventurous, allowing themselves to be free and living life to the full. Challenge: Generate conversation within ‘sleepers’and potential return-riders, fuel their interest and make them consider riding BMW Motorrad. Objective: To convince the audience that BMW Motorrad is the brand chosen by those with a true spirit of adventure and a desire to explore. Strategy: To create an emotional bond with all potential new and return-riders by encouraging and presenting them with an unstoppable spirit of adventure and individual freedom. Execution: The story of a man, from boyhood to adult and his unstoppable appetite for life, two wheels and adventure.

In a society where the lack of risk and overprotection are the norm we wanted to create a film that celebrates the brave. Through bold storytelling and dramatic, yet identifiable vignettes we see our hero living the life that many would aspire to but until now have never really attained. BMW Motorrad now gives them a very real opportunity to meet their emotional challenge and fill their lives with renewed adventure and a desire for life. Consequently the increase in return riders to motorbiking in Japan is once again very much on the rise.

In a category and market place dominated with domestic brands and competitors the BMW “Make Life A Ride” film was a brave and challenging campaign. By focusing on the true emotional and cultural desire for individual freedom alongside the demand for engineering excellence and reliability BMW Motorrad has established itself as a brand that plays a part in the everyday lifestyle of many Japanese riding enthusiasts. The film continues to create conversations around the topic of renewed passion for biking and biking culture. BMW Motorrad continues to experience record breaking sales and sold out showrooms.

The core intention of the film was to appeal directly to current riders, to return riders and to ignite a desire for biking within potential first time riders. The moving and emotional storyline was created to appeal to those with a spirit of adventure and individual freedom. A thread of unique Japanese nostalgia is demonstrated through childhood experiences, youthful obsession and a grown up desire for memorable and unique experiences are beautifully captured alongside the passion and freedom that BMW and biking brings.