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Product / ServiceUNI-NOODLE
CategoryA10. Integrated Campaign led by Content Platform


Name Company Position
Richard Yu ADK TAIWAN Chief Creative Officer
Nicole Chen ADK TAIWAN Creative Director
Nicole Chen ADK TAIWAN Copywriter
Ariel Wei ADK TAIWAN Copywriter
Richard Yu ADK TAIWAN Art Director
Bell Bei ADK TAIWAN Art Director
Ryu Liu ADK TAIWAN Art Director
Ivy Lien ADK TAIWAN Agency Producer
Ging Zim Lo Director
Barbie Lin ADK TAIWAN Managing Director
Arial Yu ADK TAIWAN Group Account Director
Queen Chang ADK TAIWAN Account Director
Hsinyi Huang ADK TAIWAN Account Manager
Joe Wang ADK TAIWAN Senior Account Executive

The Campaign

In Taiwan, it was started fairly late for Branded Entertainment marketing. Most of clients still considered communication marketing in an old-school way. At this time, we made a great effort to persuade Uni-Noodle to make a breakthrough in Taiwan's market. The “House of Little Moments” campaign increased brand preference among customers by using moved and entertaining content. Also, it successfully proved that a brand would gain ultimately benefit if it obtained the favorable review from customers.


Over the past 43 years, Uni-Noodle has preserved the goodness in its noodles with very little flavouring and brought fond memories to Taiwanese. As competitors start to create variety with loads of condiments, being the leading brand does present its challenges. Existing consumers may appreciate Uni-Noodle’s taste, but feel it lacks a sense of newness. The younger generations do not feel emotionally connected with Uni-Noodle. Thus, the objectives of this campaign are re-create the product value and rejuvenate the brand image. In the focus group, consumers stated that Uni-Noodle goes well with everything. As far as they are concerned, having instant noodles is one of those sweet moments they give to themselves. So, our strategy is to season Uni-Noodle with the most special flavouring – moods. We developed a concept – flavoured by moods. Then, we created a fictional noodle shop, the “House of Little Moments”, as the background in our story and filmed a micro movie series. The owner of the noodle shop, who is as old as the brand, makes fusion Uni-Noodle recipes that are inspired by customers’ moods. The movies were broadcast both online and on mobile phones, while teaser films were aired on TV. Then, we launched a campaign website includes recipes and cooking demonstration videos. After viewing the movies, people could link to the creative cuisine recipes. Many people actually tried the recipes and shared the photos of the dishes they made on the internet. The responses were so positive that we decided to open a real noodle shop. It attracted great media coverage on opening day. We also did outdoor advertising to deliver the information that the fictitious noodle shop from our micro movies comes to life!

Our primary target audience is potential young customers aged 20 to 34. We filmed a micro movie series, the theme of which all comes from fairly common experience and sentimental feelings among target audience – such as a hard feeling caused by rejection, the joy of finding soulmate, the unforgettable memory of ex, a romantic encounter, and the great grief of losing a loved one. The appealing movies immediately became a hot topic between young people in Taiwan. Besides, the movies were broadcast both online and on mobile phones which are the most popular media among the targeted young people.

The micro movie series got over 8.7 million views on YouTube within 3 months and was honored with YouTube Taiwan Best Commercial Ranking for Q1 2015. The micro movie series created big buzz. Many people said they’d love to visit the noodle shop if it really existed. So we opened a real “House of Little Moments” due to the positive responses. After the campaign launched, the sales increased by 37%. The campaign strengthened brand loyalty and attracted more youth. Now, Uni-Noodle doesn’t only symbolize simple, delicious instant noodles, but has evolved into a mood-expressing food brand.

To increase brand preference, to gain brand awareness and to connect with younger generations are among the most important objectives of this campaign. The essential part of this campaign is a micro movie series which staged in a fictitious noodle shop named the “House of Little Moments”. The owner of the noodle shop, who is as old as the brand, makes fusion Uni-Noodle recipes that are inspired by customers’ moods. This way, we create a symbol that identifies and differentiates Uni-Noodle from other products. This campaign strengthens brand loyalty and attracts more youth. And this is exactly what brand marketing does.