CategoryA02. Non-Fiction: series or film
Contributing Company ARNOLD FURNACE Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Contributing Company 2 HAYCOM Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production Company FINCH Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Tom Spicer Arnold Furnace Creative Director
Helen Macdougal Arnold Furnace Creative
Chloe Banicevic Arnold Furnace Creative
Michael Stevenson Arnold Furnace Client Services Director
Ian Hartley Arnold Furnace Group Account Director
Natalia Kowlczyk Arnold Furnace Senior Account Manager
Belinda Bennett Arnold Furnace Account Executive
Monique Pardavi Arnold Furnace Head of Broadcast
Chris Hulsman Arnold Furnace Agency Producer
Rob Galluzzo Finch Executive Producer
Luke Bouchier Finch Director
Amy Dymond Finch Producer
Michael Hilliard Finch Executive Producer
James Wright Red Agency PR
Adam Freedman Red Agency PR

The Campaign

Branded content is commonly shared in the Australian market. Viewers are age gated and must be over 18 in order to watch the content in the Youtube channel and via our Jack Daniel's website.


Challenge: At Christmas, the alcohol category is extremely overwhelming with lots of brands fighting to be the perfect gift. We had to stand out in the clutter and deliver an emotional message that stays true to the Jack Daniel's brand values. At Christmas Jack Daniel's believes that it's not what's under the tree that matters most, it's who's around it. We wanted to stand out as the traditional and authentic brand with old fashioned values. Strategy: Come up with an interesting and heartwarming way to bring Aussies together over Christmas. The Execution: Last Christmas, Jack Daniel's offered a state of the art holographic video calling experience to Jack Daniel's fans via the Jack Daniel's Australia Facebook page. We posted a call out video which reached the 217k Aussie fans and requested people with distant family and loved ones register for the experience. After an overwhelming response, we chose the best 3 candidates who which we filmed their relationship stories and hologram experiences with an unexpected twist at the end. We turned this into a content video which became the Jack Daniel's Christmas promotional piece being shared and liked over December 2014 amongst friends and family.

The content video went up on the Jack Daniel's Australia Facebook page hitting Jack Daniel's loyalists. It was also seeded on Mumbrella, Youtube and featured on the home page of the Jack Daniel's Christmas website - a promotional website that allowed players to win a bottle of Jack Daniel's Holiday Select.

The video resulted in over 300,000 likes and shares over Christmas with hundreds of comments from the public. It was Jack Daniel's highest rating piece of content ever. It was in the top 3% of all Australian Youtube content over the past 24 months It delivered $396,000 in earned media. It resulted in a heartwarming Christmas for 3 Australian families.

The content video we created was very much branded by Jack Daniel's. The hologram experience we set in a Jack Daniel's whiskey bar and the whole idea was to bring people together over Christmas just like Jack does - 'bringing people together since 1866'. The call out was directed specifically to Jack Daniel's loyalists via the Jack Daniel's Australia Facebook page.