Product / ServicePAMPERS
CategoryA02. Non-Fiction: series or film
Production Company ALBUQUERQUE FILM Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company 2 CUTTERS Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Jon King Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Executive Creative Director
Taketo Igarashi Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Creative Director/Copywriter
Kiyohiko Yagishita Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Creative Director
Kuniaki Yamamoto Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Copywriter
Jun Goto Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Art Director
Hiroki Kawaue Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Art Director
Tomonori Oki Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Technical Direcotor
Rumi Kubota Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo Agency Producer
Koichi Sakamoto ALBUQUERQUE FILM Producer
Taira Kono Albuquerque Film Production Manager
Futoshi Takashima freelance Director
Ryosuke Kawaguchi freelance Cinematographer
Yoshiaki Ishikawa freelance Art
Shigeru Fujibayashi Aoi Studio Recording Engineer
Thomas Suess Audio Force Music Producer
Aika Miyake Cutters Tokyo Editor
Yusaku Yasuda Cutters Tokyo VFX Producer
Daniel Lovell freelance MA
Kaori Yamada Catwalk Casting
Emi Saito freelance Assistant Director

The Campaign

Consumers spend less time watching TVCM as they tend to record TV programs, and due to the change of environment such as diversification of viewing channels centering on smartphones, the distance between consumers and advertisements is widening. Advertisers have started to shift their activities to produce and provide consumers with more attractive contents, based on the review on their previous works. However, there are a number of companies engaged in such activities, and each of them is struggling to create attractive contents. In the end, advertiser(s) providing highly popular incentives with a large budget have long been the only winner(s).


A baby's first birthday also marks the first year a woman learns to be a mother. After one year full of immense challenges, sacrifice and growth – it's also Mom's first birthday. To recognize this achievement, Pampers helped dads surprise and thank their wives during the hospital visit for their baby's one-year-old health checkup. We documented this touching moment on film to share with Moms all over Japan and celebrate one of the most challenging times of their lives.

We developed a Web Movie as a content that moms and dads can relate to, and to have more people spread the news about the movie and talk about it. We launched a special contents page within the Brand site and made it possible for dads, family members and friends to send a 'Happy Mom's First Birthday' message. We offered the online and offline tools and services to encourage dads, family members and friends to celebrate 'Mom's First Birthday,' such as photobook album, love letter card, two-in-one designed candles for both mom & baby, helped many moms and dads to have joyful experiences of actually celebrating mom and baby's first birthday together.

With no advertising or media spend, the film received 4 million views in it's first week and pushed Pampers to rank number one most favorable diaper brand in Japan More importantly, the feedback and word of mouth from first year moms, experienced moms, dads, sisters of moms and everyone who watched the film, has been extremely heartfelt and emotional with a true sense of connection to the story we highlighted and to the Pampers brand. - Brand name tweeted 160% more on the first week after the film launch. - Daily average of 130% WOM observed after one week of launch vs previous month, generated online conversation.

Pampers is always looking for new ways to fulfill their vision of 'the brand that truly understands Moms'. In Japanese society, traditional gender roles are still the norm. The household is the woman's domain whilst the men take care of business. With busy husbands who are rarely home during the week, mom's must face the daily responsibilities of raising a child without much, if any help and very few words of gratitude from their husbands. In a few borrowed moments, we created an opportunity for Dads to express their feeling of gratitude towards their loving wives. We call it Mom's first birthday, based on the concept that a baby's first birthday is also a time to celebrate all those amazing moms out there.