Product / ServiceDUREX
CategoryA08. Original Game/Gaming
EntrantS-LAB Beijing, CHINA
Entrant Company S-LAB Beijing, CHINA
Contributing Company S-LAB Beijing, CHINA


Name Company Position
Jin Pengyuan S-LAB CKO
Tang Xiao’ao S-LAB Chief Creative Officer
Hu Chen S-LAB Account Director
Liu Jiamin S-LAB Art Director
Yu Hui S-LAB Account Manager
Ma Jinling S-LAB Graphic Designer
Zhou Lihong S-LAB Copywriter
Zhang Xuelai S-LAB Planning Director

The Campaign

Due to category regulation in China, Durex is not allowed to appear on any traditional media like TV, print or radio. Yet Chinese consumers spend more time on social networking like Weibo (China's Tweet) and WeChat (much like What's Up, only better). SNS is more important than traditional media for Durex, where consumers are not reluctant to be exposed with branded content.


Five hundred million Chinese smartphone users daily spend 3.7 hours browsing their smartphones. Most of them are young people, who due to their affection for smartphones forgot how to flirt in real life. Something had to be done as soon as possible. So we created an HTML5 game which allows young people to enjoy their smartphones and flirt face to face simultaneously. We developed the first double-player, double-phone interactive HTML5 game in China. The game will only start if one person scans QR code of another person. Isn't it a perfect excuse to start conversation with the person you like? Check it yourself - the game is already viral!

WeChat of Tencent, as mentioned above, has now become a must for over 500 million Chinese people with their social relationships, source of information and entertainment materials all integrated into this mobile APP. It is a network of life. In the "Moment" of WeChat, users could share everything with others. So is the game "Love is Found", which is built on WeChat-friendly HTML5. By spreading among friends, "Love is Found" went viral.

The game which literally cost us nothing on promotion was played over three million times in just three days and received over 25.8 million impressions. Feedback was awesome as well - many players found their Ms/Mr Right! And yes. Durex brand reputation raised enormously.

This game was launched on Valentine's Day 2015, which was the day of the year for Durex. Other than making posters to tell how amazing the V Day is with Durex, we designed a game only for two persons to play and interact together. By engaging and interacting, the two person could gradually and naturally find the message that Valentine's Day is best for two, with Durex.