Product / ServiceDUREX
CategoryA01. Fiction: series or film
EntrantS-LAB Beijing, CHINA
Entrant Company S-LAB Beijing, CHINA
Contributing Company S-LAB Beijing, CHINA


Name Company Position
Jin Pengyuan S-LAB CKO
Tang Xiao’ao S-LAB Chief Creative Officer
Hu Chen S-LAB Account Director
Liu Jiamin S-LAB Art Director
Liu Yue S-LAB Account Manager
Ma Jinling S-LAB Graphic Designer
Hu Xinshu S-LAB Copywriter
Zhang Xuelai S-LAB Planning Director

The Campaign

Due to category regulation, in China Durex are not allowed to appear on any traditional media like TV, print or radio. Yet Chinese consumers spend more time on social networking service like Weibo (China's Tweet) and WeChat (much like What's Up). Also they are not reluctant to be exposed with branded content, those which entertains them or are useful to them.


Insights: weird stuff is more eye-catchy online. It would attract users to generate contents. When people start getting involved, it will go viral easily. Strategy: We aim to make the most weird video ad ever. Our idea is ‘The best condom deserves your waiting.’ We made a 3 hours long video and it was about a couple literally doing nothing - just waiting for the release of Durex AiR .Then we posted it as the live countdown video where users could post live comments on screen.

The Post-90s (people who born between the years 1990 to 1999 in urban area) are emerging power in China. They are young, and eager to express themselves. Also they are more open to premarital sex than Post-80s. In a word, the Post-90s are now (and some younger ones of this generations will be) the backbone of Durex's consumers. For video, the Post-90s are more willing to enjoy on sites like and, where they could send comment shooting across the screen. To appeal to this behavior, we released our video ad on site-B, short for

Out of one million people watched the ad and 300,000 watched it until the end. Social platforms went crazy about it . We also accidentally broke the E-commerce selling speed record in the condom category in China

We made a 3 hours video about a couple lining in front a Durex vending machine, live stream on or "Site B". On Site B, users can send comments shooting across the screen, or we call "DanMu" in Chinese. This video, appears like a reality show, conveying the message that Durex is going to introduce now condom AiR and also the best condom which deserves your waiting.