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Entrant Company GEEK PICTURES Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing Company DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing Company 2 DENTSU IX Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing Company 3 MOUNT Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company GEEK PICTURES Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company 2 GEEK PICTURES SHANGHAI Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Hiroyuki Ito Dentsu Inc. Exetive creative director
Soichi Ono Dentsu Inc. Creative director
Masashi Shitaohbora / Sho Sasaki Dentsu Inc. Planner / Copywriter
Hideki Kawamura Dentsu Inc. Deputy Director
Yasuki Nabeshima / Takashi Yamaguchi Dentsu Inc. Account supervisor
Yosuke Kusaka / Yoshiko SawadaTucker / Sadaharu Saiki Dentsu Inc. Chief Account Executive
Tsuyoshi Kanekiyo Dentsu Inc. Creative producer
Tomonobu Yamazumi / Ripo Akiyama Dentsu Razorfish Inc. Producer
Yuko Miyazaki / Takayuki Shionome Dentsu Razorfish Inc. Assistant producer
Saeko Okada / Chinatsu Matsumoto Dentsu Razorfish Inc. Planner
Jeong-ho Im mount inc. Creative director / Art director
Takeshiro Umetsu mount inc. Technical director / Development
Hideki Yoshimatsu mount inc. Designer
Ko Yoshida mount inc. Producer
Tadashi Koiwahara HUSMA™ HTML coding
Kosui Yamashina / John A. Yamamoto GEEK PICTURES INC. Producer
Bruce Yang GEEK PICTURES INC. Line producer
Yuka Asaarashi / Tatsuya Kuwano GEEK PICTURES INC. Production manager
Teruki Murakami GEEK PICTURES SHANGHAI Producer

The Campaign

The campaign rolled out in over 90 countries in which the situation for branded entertainment and the image of Toyota cars and the Toyota brand varied across. What was in common was the presence of young people determined to challenge themselves to make their dreams come true. With them as the main players, we focused on their sincere pursuit, giving birth to contents we believed people could identify with, no matter the region from which the content originated.


The Brief held, “The goal was to connect with young people in emerging nations and enhance interest in the TOYOTA brand." To do this, we created a concept that went beyond the boundaries of mere advertising, by setting challenges that could be turning points in people's lives, and having TOYOTA there to push through, together. We established an online platform for applicants to post their dreams. From 200,000 youths in 98 countries, we followed our nine chosen challengers, engaging them in sincere personal dialogue over 997 days. We documented and uploaded to the website one moment after another, as they met top world talent, experienced unknown places, struggled with troubles, and thereby grew as people.

It was not only about being moved after watching clips from the nine challengers. Anyone who posted their dreams to the site could refresh their own personal resolve. Seeing others dream posts provided stimulation for self-reflection. In this sense, it was a campaign that made the entire audience into main characters.

200,000 people posted on the site. Documentary clips received over 20,000,000 views. The site itself received over 40,000,000 actions. Many young people faced turning points in their lives, struggled, and grew, resulting in a ripple of positive response that started a movement which exceeded expectations.

We made a documentary style project with young people from up and coming countries as the main characters. Toyota cars don’t appear even once. Toyota embraced young people’s heartfelt dreams and came face to face with each individual as they worked towards making them happen. It was a decision on Toyota’s part that returned to the intrinsic value of automobiles as tools that accompany the driver to the end, while the goal and route are completely up to the driver. It shows the company’s stance towards future users by engaging them in a way that can’t be done with usual corporate image strategy.