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CategoryA04. Original User-generated Content


Name Company Position
Andy Dilallo Leo Burnett Sydney Chief Creative Officer
Vince Lagana Leo Burnett Sydney Executive Creative Director
Grant Mcaloon Leo Burnett Sydney Executive Creative Director
Scott Huebscher Leo Burnett Sydney Creative Director
Pim Van Nunen Leo Burnett Sydney Creative Director
Ben Alden Leo Burnett Sydney Art Director
Michael Dawson Leo Burnett Sydney Copywriter
Jeremy Devilliers Leo Burnett Sydney Executive Producer
Rachel Rider Leo Burnett Sydney Agency Producer
Christopher Baron / Edward Copestick/ Willy Bernardoff Leo Burnett Sydney Editor
Luke Atkinson Leo Burnett Sydney Planning Director
Amanda Quested Leo Burnett Sydney Client Service Director
Holly Cracknell Leo Burnett Sydney Business Director
Natalie Ungarian/ Juliette Taylor/Patrick Nakkan Leo Burnett Sydney Account Management
Jason Wingrove Brightworks Director
Stef Puskar Brightworks Producer
Vivien Lee Canon Consumer Imaging
Kate Guran Canon Senior Manger
Chris Macleod Canon Marketing Manager
Andrew Giles Canon PR Manager

The Campaign

your country or the region where this campaign appeared. Include any restrictions or regulations imposed by TV stations, broadcasting companies, government or other regulating body. (200 words max) Even though there are not a lot of regulations with regards to Branded Content in Australia, this campaign did test them. For example one of the content pieces tells the story of a brave survivor of breast cancer who poses for a portrait with her mastectomy scars on full display. It made some of our media partners question the decency of the imagery, but ultimately it was a testament to the power of the portrait. Branded Content played a pivotal role in the campaign, as one of key objectives was to move people away from shallow social media photography toward something more meaningful. Obviously we needed to connect with users of social media, and content on a site like YouTube was the perfect way to achieve that.


People are taking more photos than ever before, but the majority of them are disposable, meaningless shots taken on smartphones. To re-establish ourselves as the imaging leader, we needed to inspire Australians to pick up their cameras again. Our research indicated the people are 8 times more likely to use a DSLR over a smartphone when taking a meaningful photograph. So we set out to bring meaning back to photography. We started by inspiring the nation with a film reminding them of photography’s power. We then created a content series that followed ordinary Australians as they captured a meaningful image. This was used to further inspire the public. Next we created a platform for these passionate amateur photographers…our entire media buy. Every single touch point was put into their hands, to expose the issues they most cared about. Print, outdoor, online advertising, social – all of these channels were offered to consumers as a stage for their ideas. Thousands of images were uploaded on topics from pollution to prostate cancer, as Australians shifted their focus away from meaningless snaps. We had changed the photography landscape, by changing the subject.

A launch film was created containing some of history’s most powerful photographs. This reminded people of photography’s importance and directed them to the content pieces so they could be inspired by other ordinary Australians taking impactful shots. Most importantly, the product of the content pieces – the powerful photos that were taken – became prints ads that directed consumers to the content. They were also used in PR, social & instore/.

The campaign saw the birth of a new class of photographers. Occupying a space between amateur photographers and photojournalists, we called them ‘photo activists’. A legion of passionate people, putting down their smartphones..and picking up their cameras. We had succeeded in changing the photography landscape, by changing the subject. 64,786 online shares 32,194 new facebook fans 7,535 new MyCanon members Total reach of 192 million Increased brand preference by 21% People who saw the campaign were 20% more likely to nominate Canon as their first choice in imaging Canon DSLR market rose by 4%

At the campaign’s heart was a series of branded films that inspired Australians to pick up the cameras again. Following people on the journey to capture a meaningful image, this content was the catalyst for a movement towards powerful photography