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Name Company Position
Scott Whybin Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Chief Creative Officer
Paul Reardon Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Executive Creative Director
Damian Royce Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Creative Director
Matt Stoddart Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Art Director
Mark Jones Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Art Director
Pat Sofra Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Art Director
Ashwin Gopal Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Copywriter
Rob Hibbert Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Copywriter
Jim Taylor Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Copywriter
Matt Chiodo Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Account Director
Jo Hardy Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Account Director
Fiona Bradshaw Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Account Executive
Paul Arena Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Digital Strategic Planner
Dave Keating Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Head of Digital Production
Ray Jeremiah Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Designer
Lucy Kavanagh Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Digital Producer
Kim Vincent Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Print Production
Stephanie Leddin Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne TV Producer
Tom Lock Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Editor
Tabata Piccinelli Whybin/TBWA Group Melbourne Editor

The Campaign

3AW Football Radio was steadily losing its audience. Once loyal listeners were now watching the game Live on their smartphones. And worse still, tuning into rival radio stations. We didn’t just need to win back listeners, but also their loyalty. The creative solution needed to establish a bond between football fans and the 3AW commentary team.


Vivid, off-the-wall radio commentary has always been a hallmark of Australian Rules Football. With ‘It’s your call’, we reminded football fans that radio commentary could be more colourful than any screen. Using the 3AW Facebook page, we gave fans the opportunity to create and submit their own footy commentary calls before each week’s big game. And each week, the funniest, most entertaining submissions were used during Live game commentary. 3AW commentators (most of them football legends) also engaged with fans directly by recording all their favourite calls and posting them back to the fans that submitted them on Facebook. Submitted calls that earned the most kudos on Facebook were also featured in socially-created print and radio ads.

We knew we couldn’t rely solely on radio advertising to attract new listeners when they’re locked in on another station. We needed to go where footy fans were. To spread the word about this unique opportunity, we leveraged the Australian Football League’s large fan base on Facebook and targeted fans of the football teams playing in each week’s big game, to spur on participation based on sporting rivalries.

Footy fans were all over it “like seagulls around a potato cake”. Daily engagement on 3AW Facebook page increased 140% and average daily reach increased 280% (Source- Facebook Insights). We turned participants into listeners, gaining 72,000 unique listeners during the football season. 3AW Football went from 3rd and slipping, to Australia’s number 1 rated sports radio station (Source- GfK Group).

The ‘It’s Your Call’ campaign made 3AW Football Radio relevant to a whole new audience by giving fans a chance to create content through our branded 3AW Facebook page. The most entertaining content became a part of 3AW Football Radio’s Live game commentary. Throughout the campaign, fans were able to engage with football legends on the 3AW Commentary team through the Facebook page.