Product / ServiceEYEWEAR
CategoryA01. Fiction: series or film
EntrantBASE Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company BASE Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing Company BASE Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing Company 2 NANILANI Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company AOI PRO. Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Tomohiro Nishijima BASE Co., Ltd. Creative Director
Takaaki Murase nanilani inc. Creative Director
Tomohiro Nishijima BASE Co., Ltd. Copywriter
Tomohiro Nishijima BASE Co., Ltd. Planner
Keisuke Futakuchi nanilani inc. Creative Producer
Kohta Kanki AOI Pro. Inc. Executive Producer
Daigo Honma AOI Pro. Inc. Assistant Producer
Jun Yoshikawa AOI Pro. Inc. Creative Coordinator
Riki Sakai AOI Pro. Inc. Creative Coordinator
Bram Van Alphen Caviar Director
Daniël Bouque Melting Pot Director Of Photography
Gonçalo Raposo Free lance Gaffer
Nuno Afra Free lance Art Director
Govert Janse Free lance Offline editor
Antonio Marioni Free lance Online editor
Kene Illegems Caviar Caviar
Menno Van Riet Sonoor Music producer
Jason Felstead Caviar Co-Production Executive Producer
Thomas Hofman Caviar Co-Production Producer

The Campaign

Recently in Japan, businesses across the spectrum are increasingly turning their attention towards the production of branded entertainment, especially in the form of viral movies. In Japan, as long as the content is not considered morally offensive, there are no specific political or religious restrictions.


In an effort to provide eyewear brand JINS with a new campaign image, we redefined glasses as something that reflects the invaluable experiences of life rather than a mere device to correct vision. Moreover, we expanded the audience from men and women in their 20’s and 30’s to men and women of all ages. We then established the core idea to be “Life is What You See,” and represented that idea in the forms of movies, graphics and store design. Due to the simplicity of the idea, retail outlet staff were able to grasp the concept easily and the campaign was a huge success.

The moments depicted in the lenses of the glasses were experiences that anybody could have or can relate to. The content we portrayed was targeted to draw the emotion of empathy. We were able to elicit such reaction in both social media as well as in traditional media.

One month after its launch, there was an excess of 2.3 million views on Youtube. In addition, in a qualitative survey to store managers at all retail stores numbering about 300, over 90% reported an increased motivation amongst their employees. The movie was aired in over 50 domestic media outlets and showcased in prominent overseas video sites such as shots and adforum.

Special emotional and memorable moments of a man’s life are highlighted through the reflections in his JINS eyeglasses to appeal that what you see and how you see each moment in life, is what creates the life itself. “JINS -Life is what you see”.