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CategoryA05. Branded Live Experience
Contributing Company RULES CREATIVE Taipei, CHINESE TAIPEI


Name Company Position
Jarvis Hsieh Rules Creative Creative Director
Liv Shen Rules Creative Creative Planner
Jack Dai Rules Creative General Manager
Chase Lin Rules Creative Senior Account Manager
Angel Chin Rules Creative Special Assistant
Wei-chih Lin Rules Creative Production Designer
Tengo Hsieh Rules Creative Producer
Jeremy Tsai Dream Catcher Films Editor

The Campaign

Taiwanese love to watch this kind of reality video, but most of time, they also like to judge it morally. There is a deep-seated conservatism running through our society, and public shows low acceptance of nude scenes. People in Taiwan also hate faked-reality content, so it’s a huge challenge to make a “real content” and not to be judged by consumers.


1. Challenge: a. There were fewer people know Earl Jean than other jeans brand in Taiwan, although they had already cooperated with 4 celebrities for endorsement in the past 3 years. b. Earl Jean Taiwan didn’t have their own unique brand image in consumers' minds. c. Because of terrible sales condition, marketing budget was reduced 30% this year. 2. Objective: a. Enhance brand awareness. b. Build Earl Jean’s unique way of storytelling. c. Increase retail’s sales. 3. Strategy: a. After researching and analyzing Jeans market in Taiwan, we repositioned Earl Jean Taiwan’s brand positioning from Jean’s brand to a unique fashion brand. b. Reset the proposition on “Unleashed Fashion”. c. Before the coming hot season, released our idea ”The best fitting trial ” for enhance awareness, consumers engagement and attract consumers to go trying in retail. 4. Execution: a. We set a fitting room with treadmill. And when random consumers trying their jeans, we turned on the treadmill to make consumers run to get better experience with sports friendly jeans. b. We collected all reaction to make an interesting viral video on Earl Jean Taiwan’s Facebook fan page and invited consumers to go to retail experiencing the jeans.

1. Consumers commented like ”lol”, “hahaha”, “cool!”, “creative!”. 2. Not only sharing the video and discussing Earl Jean with friends on Facebook, a lot of consumers used “tag their friends’ name ” as comment and called them to go to retail for experience together. 3. Number of consumers who tried jeans with jumping and running in Earl Jean‘s retails increased.

1. For Brand: a. The Sales amount of Earl Jean Taiwan increased 40%(compared with last year) b. Over 4.9 million impressions c. Over 1million views d. Reported by over 100 global media. e. Fans number of Earl Jean Taiwan’s Facebook fan page increased 33%. f. The Best Fitting trial campaign became the hot topic on TV news. 2. For Consumer: a. They got a new fashion choice when they take exercise. b. They got a interesting and great content to share with their friends.

1. Features of Brand and Product: Earl Jean is a fashion brand from Hollywood, and they launched new series of sport-friendly jeans, ”Cool Knitted Denim”. 2. Target audience : 18~34 years old. 3. Mission of campaign: a. Build Earl Jean’s unique way of storytelling which can match their brand personality. b. Make the funny and interesting content to enhance awareness, letting consumers engage and motiving their desire of consumption. 4. Execution- Offline to online: We set a fitting room with treadmill in Earl Jean’s retail, and let unsuspecting consumers experience the product benefit. At the same time, we recorded their responses and made an interesting viral online content for spreading, attracting more consumers to go to try on in retail store.