Short List
Product / ServiceANZ BANK
CategoryA10. Integrated Campaign led by Content Platform
Entrant Company OCTAGON Singapore, SINGAPORE
Contributing Company OCTAGON Singapore, SINGAPORE
Contributing Company 2 MILKMONEY Syndney, AUSTRALIA
Media Agency PHD Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Adam Hodge Octagon Strategy and Creative Lead
Ben Hartman Octagon Talent Management Lead
Fleur Massey Octagon Account Service Lead
Ethan McLean Milkmoney Director/Producer
Dominic Guthrie Dave Clarke Design Associates General Manager
Louise Eyres ANZ Group GM Marketing
Elisa Silbert ANZ Group Head of Marketing and Sponsorship Strategy
Kim McFarlane ANZ Corporate Brand Sponsorship Manager

The Campaign

Broadcast across seven Asia-Pacific countries, crossing liberal western nations, conservative Islamic cultures, and government-regulated media; the campaign needed to not only find a hook through a universal human truth that transcended culture, religion and local frames of reference, but also translate (literally) into different languages – maintaining impact. In Indonesia and Malaysia, tight restrictions exist around commercial content, ensuring cultural and Islamic sensitivities are observed. Malaysian media required MIM certification prior to distribution. China’s government places strict controls over all content generated by western brands. Especially close scrutiny is applied to content that’s inherently entertainment-based, compared to the bank’s usual product or brand communications. Content aired on Australian and New Zealand television requires CAD pre-approvals, while national advertising and community standards are monitored by each channel’s own regulatory body upon distribution. While paid branded content integration is not uncommon in Australian media, the ability to drive added value is determined not by spend, but on quality of the content and subsequent value it adds to the broadcasters own product. Despite competition against major sponsor brands also using branded content platforms, ANZ secured 3 times the number of integration spots it has in previous years.


Our task was to develop a sponsorship activation strategy to leverage ANZ’s tennis assets across the Asia-Pacific region. The Objectives: Shift brand perceptions and increase purchase intent of non-ANZ customers for key banking products. The audience was challenging in its diversity. We needed a single idea that would resonate across: • seven markets and multiple languages • vastly different cultures and mindsets • core and casual tennis fans • two properties; Australian Open and Shanghai Masters The strategy was based on our consumer, sport and brand insights. Research showed us that these segments shared a proactive, ‘entrepreneurial mindset’; creating their own opportunities and ‘playing the game’ their way – in tennis, and life. The idea – ‘Your Game. Your Way.’ was a short-format documentary series launched through ANZ’s owned social and digital channels. A six-week regional media program spanning seven countries supported the program, with TV, digital, outdoor, transit, retail, PR & radio executions rolled out. Whilst media drove awareness and click-throughs, it was the subject's in the stories, the final treatment, and intrigue built around the short films that produced the campaign’s success and social-media impact. Despite having signed the world’s #1 player, Novak Djokovic, we actively made the daring decision to turn the camera the other way. Instead sharing stories of real people, told in their own words. Across three 2-minute films we told stories of; a deaf Korean teen trying to make it as a pro, a Chinese-American legend of tennis who did things his own way, and a young girl battling unique barriers in a remote Australian township. Novak in turn became part curator, part ‘ambassador’ who heralded the stories of others. His face drove cut-through across all static creative and maximised our international PR and social media reach.

The use of the world’s #1 tennis player was our initial hook to grab the attention of fans and media alike, right across the region. His universal appeal ensued that we quickly grabbed the attention of a very diverse audience across seven countries and various cultural backgrounds. A single minded creative idea “Those who create opportunity, succeed” was then brought to life through real stories, of real people. By telling our stories through our audiences shared passion for tennis, we ensured this attention was maintained and allowed us the opportunity to land the clients’ brand message.

• Non-customers aware of ANZ’s Tennis Sponsorship recorded 250% higher purchase intent for ANZ Personal Loans (and averaged 173% higher across all banking products) Source: Ipsos Report 04.03.2015. • 300% year-on-year increase in digital reach and impressions (10 x ANZ norm) • 800% year-on-year increase in social media reach • #yourgameyourway generated 10% organic reach (5 x industry standard) • >5% engagement across Facebook and Twitter (10 x ANZ benchmark) • 85% positive sentiment across social media • 496% ROI above $ investment in media • 58 x content integration via official Australian broadcaster (3 x 2014 results) • #1 unprompted sponsor recall - 25% above Naming Rights Partner

ANZ bank’s tennis partnerships and ambassador, world #1 Novak Djokovic, provided the ingredients needed to engage a huge regional audience. Three 2-minute documentary style films successfully tapped into a shared mindset to harness fan passion across cultures, and broadcast through ANZ’s owned social and digital channels. Yet, rather than put the spotlight on Novak we turned the camera on the audience. It worked. Fans were invited to click-through and “be inspired”, entertained and informed, via static and video-based creative executions that ran across a region-wide media program including; TV, digital, outdoor, retail, PR & radio. Staying true to the format – with real people telling their stories, in their own words – ultimately made the campaign both entertaining and successful for the bank.