Short List
CategoryA05. Branded Live Experience
Production Company STINK Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Yang Yeo Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Executive Creative Director
Paul Stechschulte Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Executive Creative Director
Winson Woo Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Creative Director
Wanshi Lu Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Creative Director
Fish Ho Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Designer
Kevin Lunsong Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Designer
Will Dai Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Designer
Bernice Wong Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Producer
Rob Campbell Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Strategic Planning
Leon Lin Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Strategic Planning
Paul Goodnight Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Media/Comms. Planning
Leo Chu Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Account
Dino Xu Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Account
Jessica Deng Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Business Affairs
Theresa Shehadeh Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Project Manager
Angie Wong Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Head of Production
Kosai Sekine Stink Shanghai Director
Mackenzie Sheppard Stink Shanghai Director
Demond Loh Stink Shanghai Executive Producer
Louise Kwan Stink Shanghai Executive Producer
Sally Shi Stink Shanghai Line Producer
Oliver Millar Stink Shanghai Director of Photography
Pang Wai Fong Editor
Barry Greaves Technicolor Shanghai VFX Supervisor & Flame Artist
Lily Li Technicolor Shanghai VFX Producer
Vincent Taylor Technicolor Shanghai Colorist
Hifana JKD Collective Inc. Composer & Sound Designer
Bruce Ikeda JKD Collective Inc. Producer
Matthew Koh Neon Sound Singapore Mixer
Michelle Tsao Neon Sound Singapore Producer

The Campaign

Most of the branded entertainment here in the market is just promoting the brand name, instead of producing content that intrigue people want to watch. In many cases, brand entertainment is just long ad.


The agency is sending those who are curious enough to a mysterious lane house in the city. To set this campaign in motion, multiple invitations are placed and hidden all over Shanghai. From a classic duvet to a singing music cart strapped to a bicycle, all but dotting to one single mysterious address, will arrive at a Heineken green door. A velvet barber chair awaits quietly to send them on a deranged cities experience – from a tulip field to a carnival to a full size half-cut yellow cab. And as the chair returns to normality, Heineken uses 3D imaging and printing technology to create 1:1 scale statues of all participants to celebrate their curiosity at an undisclosed location three weeks later.

We placed the QR code on the statue to turn it into media driver for people to know about the story, and also we seeded the content to multiple PR sites and major online influencers to maximize the coverage. 15 secs pre-rolll also been created for online video sites to drive the audience to see the whole experience film.

Video got more than 4 million video in only 2 days. 40 million impressions on social media, where the conversation actually happens and Heineken saw 24% positive impact on the brand closeness with the consumer.

In a country where curiosity isn’t something people will encourage, we send out a hidden invitation to bring those who are curious to an adventure they will never forget. And we documented the whole journey, share with the whole nation to inspire more to be curious about the city they are living in.