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CategoryB03. User Experience
EntrantVML Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company VML Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency VML Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Aden Hepburn VML Creative Director
Mark Berry VML Creative Lead
Phil Beresford VML Senior Art Director
Frank Martelli VML Senior Art Director
Rob Aston VML User Experience Director
Nick Gascoigne VML User Experience Lead
Tim Fletcher VML Project Manager
Jeff Donios VML Technical Director/Architect
Blake Kus VML Technical Lead
Robert Bressi VML Lead Mobile Application Developer
Billy Chang VML Mobile Application Developer
Brian Anderson VML Mobile Application Developer
Joshua Russell VML Front End Developer
Mark Macsmith VML Planning Director
Chris Scott VML Contributor
Ben Ient VML Contributor
Amy Luca GPY/R Contributor
David Joubert GPY/R Contributor
Bart Palwak GPY/R Contributor
Bohdi Lewis GPY/R Contributor

Creative Execution

We built a mobile and desktop App that syncs with the GPS Search watch, translating the raw data of time spent in water and speed and distance travelled into defined periods of paddling, waiting and surfing. This is instantly mapped out onto full colour maps, with tide and weather conditions automatically pulled in, for instant sharing with the global surfing community via cloud-based servers. All data recorded anywhere in the world is stored and displayed, creating a connected surfing community unified by their love of surfing and the desire to challenge themselves and their friends to go better next time.

30,000 pre-orders of the new GPS watch were sold out in the first week of launch. Rip Curl delivered the world’s first device to really inspire the global surfing community to challenge itself – and share the results – in a totally new way. Millions of surfers around the world have already started talking about the ability to finally track, monitor and learn how to improve their surfing performance, all of which is cementing Rip Curl as the number one surf brand on the planet.

Since 1969 Rip Curl has been creating innovative products to aid surfers in their search for the perfect wave. As a brand, they are synonymous with the sport. The insight that shaped this idea was that surfers spend most of their lives waiting for the planets to align, and when they do, the moment is over almost as soon as it began. How could we change this, capturing the moment into a tangible, re-liveable and shareable thing that could live beyond the waves? And in doing so, revolutionise the way surfers interact with the ocean – while putting the brand firmly at the forefront of any social conversation about surfing. The Rip Curl Search platform delivered on all fronts. Launched on the arms of Pro Surfers at high-profile competitions, and to their mobile followers, it caught the imagination of the highly connected surf community instantly.


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