Product / ServiceVEHICLE
CategoryA08. Integrated Mobile Campaigns
Entrant Company SPICEBOX Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency 2 SPICEBOX Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Kenji Kamiya Spicebox Inc. Creative Director/Strategic Planner
Hiroaki Mizutani Spicebox Inc. Planner
Kiyoyuki Amano KAYAC Inc. Director/Technical Director
Ryoji Ooi Hakuhodo Inc. Agency Account Director
Maki Shoji Spicebox Inc. Agency Account Director/Producer
Hiroo Suzuki CULTURE Inc. Technical Producer

Creative Execution

・We've set up markers around the hall. Many fans have experienced the introductions by our AR companion, that can only be experienced at the motor show. And photos showing our cars and booth with our “ANIME”-like Companion, have spread widely on the Internet. ・To make our “ANIME”-like Companion more real, we've added a variety of poses and actions, 360 degrees free. So the anime fans would like to take more and more different shots, and share them on the social media. ・We were also constantly providing different types of experiences at the touch point to “ANIME” fans.

We made it to turn 12,000 visitors into our reporters, information on their experiences spreaded out quickly. And also many news medias have reported about us to spread the information even more widely. With the help of the App experience inside the motor show, and also the assess to the information outside on the Internet, we managed to raise interest of more potential customers and build a better image. ・Access to the Information on Social Medias: 3,756,867people ・People Experienced AR Companion at Motor Show: 123,379people ・Recognition rate:Positive:Negative=94%:6%

Challenge: To attract new customers to Tokyo Motor Show, increase their interest in our company, and build a nice brand image. Insight, Strategy: In the news of Tokyo Motor Show, there're always photos picturing the latest cars with motor show companions. And they are the hottest contents spreading on the Internet during the show period.What's more, most of the Internet users in Japan, loves “ANIME”. Idea: We made an Augmented Reality “ANIME”-like Companion App which can stream live what is going on at the Mitsubishi Motor Booth to the social media. We employed Miho Nishizumi, the heroine of the big hit anime "Girls und Panzer", as our Augmented Reality “ANIME”-like Companion. And by the power of this App, we succeeded into turning all the “ANIME” fans who gathered at our booth into our reporters.


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