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CategoryA01. Use of Technology
Entrant Company REVEZ MOTION Singapore, SINGAPORE
Advertising Agency REVEZ MOTION Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Lawrence Lim Revez Motion Pte Ltd Chief Operating Officer
Wayne Lee Revez Motion Pte Ltd Head Of Technology
Vanessa Leow Revez Motion Pte Ltd Project Manager
Joan Toh Revez Motion Pte Ltd Technologist
Beatrice Mak Revez Motion Pte Ltd Lead Interactive Designer
Tabitha Tang Revez Motion Pte Ltd Graphic Designer

Creative Execution

At the tour, students receive iPad Airs with the MILO® Discovery Tour app installed. The iBeacon technology automatically senses and activates the app on their tablets as they approach each station. Students will see contents related to the respective stations including healthy eating, importance of an active lifestyle and the values MILO® inculcates. Working in pairs, they will get to play a mini-game at each station (on the iPad) earning themselves MILO® points through teamwork. It’s a highly interactive – and intuitive – way to inform and educate students on the brand’s production processes, values and commitment to Nutrition, Health and Wellness.

The incorporation of cutting-edge technology like the iBeacon into the Tour successfully expanded and enhanced the user experience of the gallery. It engaged visitors to learn more about MILO® and its role in healthier living, helping the target audience connect to the brand on an experiential, interactive and surprising level. As a result, the special preview of the MILO® Discovery Tour garnered positive reviews from traditional and online media. Since the special preview tour, enquiries for the Discovery Tour have been rising – and are expected to continue increasing for the years to come.

To enhance the brand’s new permanent on-site gallery – the MILO® Discovery Tour – we needed to create an innovative, digital way to engage with visitors. The objective is to stray away from a conventional exhibition, to allow all students who come to the tour to walk away with a priceless, memorable and enriching experience. They not only learn about the goodness of MILO®, but also life-long values the brand teaches and the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle from young. Our digital solutions had to complement the hands-on activities and tour guides that will guide the students along the tour. It had to be easy, non-intrusive, and thoroughly entertaining. Our solution? An automatic mobile journey powered by the iBeacon indoor proximity technology.


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