CategoryA06. Mobile Games
Entrant Company HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company KAYAC Kanagawa, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Taro Umemura HAKUHODO Inc. Executive Creative Director
Kanako Sato HAKUHODO Inc. Creative Director/Planner
Kei Nakamura HAKUHODO Inc. Copywriter
Takahiro Nagai HAKUHODO Inc. Art Director
Kyoichiro Masumoto HAKUHODO Inc. Account Supervisor
Ryota Hamano HAKUHODO Inc. Account Supervisor
Hirokazu Kawana KAYAC Inc. Planner/Technical Director/Interactive Designer
Junichi Oguro Sound Designer/Composer
Yoshitaka Kitagawa HAKUHODO Inc. Pr Director
Eriko Shinohara HAKUHODO Inc. Agency Producer
Satoshi Kuno AOI Pro. Technical Producer
Masayuki Mori Gocco Japan Technical Director
Taichi Murai PYRAMID FILM INC. Film Producer
Takeshi Kushida PYRAMID FILM INC. Film Director
Yoshimichi Yoshida PYRAMID FILM INC. Film Director
Yuki Yoshida PYRAMID FILM INC. Film Production Manager

Creative Execution

We developed the world’s first PET bottle cap DJ app “Cap-DJ” as a way to enjoy recycling and separation. How to play is easy. Simply place the sticker on the cap and scratch on the app. The special sticker, developed with patent technology, is made with electricity conducting ink to react to the touch panel screen. Furthermore, the sticker is made from the same material as the cap, so it can be discarded along with the cap after enjoying the game. *The Special sticker applied for international patent for electricity conducting ink technology Specifically.

“Cap-DJ” captured the hearts of people and those who experienced it became absorbed in the game. In addition, environmentally-conscious, famous DJs have used it at club events. It's been a sensation on the internet and reached more than 10 million people. Never before had there been so much focus on the PET bottle cap. Of those who experienced the app, the rate of awareness for recycling and separation boosted from 14% to 98%.

Plastic bottle caps are important plastic resources and some local governments in Japan recycle bottle caps. Some organizations recycle the caps to provide vaccines for children, giving bottle cap recycling an important role in social contribution. However in areas where recycling and separating the caps is common, young people’s awareness towards separating bottle caps is extremely low. What can Suntory do as Japan’s largest beverage manufacturer? Young people simply ignore ads calling for recycling or separation of bottle caps. How can we lift recycling awareness in a natural and fun way?


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