Product / ServiceZAIM (SMARTPHONE APP)
CategoryA01. Use of Technology
EntrantDENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company UNIBA Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Yasuharu Sasaki Dentsu Inc. Executive Creative Director
Kentaro Sagara Dentsu Inc. Creative Director/Art Director/Planner
Noriaki Onoe Dentsu Creative Director/Planner
Satoshi Kuno Dentsu Inc. Agency Producer
Rei Kawai Uniba Inc. Director/Hardware Developer
Hideyuki Saito Uniba Inc. Hardware Developer
Yui Gokita Uniba Inc. Designer
Daichi Sato Uniba Inc. Ios App Developer
Makoto Teramoto Dentsu Inc. Adviser
Shinsaku Ogawa Dentsu Inc. Adviser

Creative Execution

We made a prototype of "LivingWallet" in the summer of 2013, posting a video to introduce the function of the wallet on the web. Within a half year, we have held exhibition events at several places. The process of all the production went smoothly as we planned.

After we posted the product video on Youtube, "Living Wallet" became viral across the world. "Living Wallet" was featured in some of the biggest media in the world, including BBC, CNN, ABC, Discovery Channel, Daily mail, Mashable, and Creators Project, despite the fact that the budget was only 1 million yen with no PR fee. As a result, the name of the product, "Zaim," and its message "wise and fun way of saving" became widely known to people all over the world. It ended up that the number of users has become more than quadruple compared with the previous year.

"Saving money is a perpetual challenge for humans. However, no matter how good we are at budget control, humans cannot help, but often waste their money. We came to a conclusion that the problem may lie in wallets that easily allow people to unfold and use it. Therefore, as a function enhancement of mobile app, we invented a totally new wallet for people to be able to spend money wisely. We invented "The Living Wallet," a wallet that can think of its own. This futuristic wallet will react to user’s financial situation, running away from the user or wriggling close in order to control the budget. User's financial situation is collected in conjunction with API of bookkeeping app, "Zaim." This is a totally new approach to spend money for those who are not good at saving, realized by the power of technology. "

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