Product / ServicePLAYABLE T-SHIRTS
CategoryA01. Use of Technology
EntrantDENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company TAIYO KIKAKU Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Kenji Oda Dentsu Creative Director/Planner
Jocelyn Cambria Dentsu Technical Director/Agency Producer
Kazuomi Goto Dentsu Writer/Planner
Masaharu Kurosu Dentsu Art Director
Noriaki Okada Dentsu Art Director
Erika Suto Dentsu Art Director
Kenichi Yoshioka Dentsu Agency Producer
Tsukuru Hishinuma Dentsu Agency Producer
Takashi Kasai Dentsu Engineer
Hideki Iwata FLAME Ltd. Programmer
Yusuke Sakamoto Dentsu Web Director
Katsuya Fujisaki TAIYO KIKAKU Co./Ltd. Production Producer/Choreograper
Masaya Yamamoto TAIYO KIKAKU Co./Ltd. Director
Gaku Ito TAIYO KIKAKU Co./Ltd. Director
Yujin Hashimoto Odds Design Designer
Sae Suenaga Odds Design Designer

Creative Execution

Playable T-Shirts are based on Augmented Reality: the T-shirts come with a free mobile application (iOS/Android) that recognizes/tracks each T-Shirt design and displays 3D interactive content. After buying a T-Shirt, users download the app and scan their T-Shirt with it to play with the 3D content, take pictures and share them on social networks. Playable T-Shirts were sold as the main 2013 summer collection in all BEAMS stores in Japan. There was dedicated POP advertisement in each store, as well a special tag on each T-Shirt with instructions to download the app.

The launch of this very innovative collection generated a lot of buzz in the fashion industry and beyond, reinforcing BEAMS image as an innovative brand and a major trend-maker. The T-Shirt sales were a tremendous success, jumping by 1000% compared to usual summer T-Shirt collections.

BEAMS is a major fashion brand in Japan, and counts as one of the very few trend-makers in the Japanese fashion industry. BEAMS defines itself, and is perceived as, a "Lifestyle Creator". Their products always stand at the edge of fashion trends, and evolve constantly to match the fast changing environment of their customers. Based on its culture and history as a fashion innovator, BEAMS wanted create a whole new genre of fashion which would go far beyond the standards of the fashion industry, and change the way we interact with our everyday clothes. Our idea was to turn the most simple and popular fashion item (T-Shirts) into a communication medium that users could use to share fun with each other. ASOBERU-T (“Playable T-Shirts”) are T-Shirts that users can scan with their smartphone to play, take and share pictures.


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