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Name Company Position
Parixit Bhattacharya TBWA India Chief Creative Officer
Parixit Bhattacharya TBWA India Creative Director
Deepak Singh TBWA India Creative Director
R. Venkatraman TBWA India Creative Director
Nandini Nair TBWA India Creative Director
Parth Suthar TBWA India Technology Director
Parixit Bhattacharya TBWA India Copywriter
R. Venkatraman TBWA India Copywriter
Girish Mohan TBWA India Copywriter
Deepak Singh TBWA India Art Director
Naresh Dhondi TBWA India Art Director
Chinmay Raut TBWA India Art Director
Parth Suthar TBWA India Designer
Stuthi Vasudevan TBWA India Designer
Shiv Sethuraman TBWA India Project Lead
Nirmalya Sen TBWA India Account Director
Trisha Satra TBWA India Account Executive
Hriday Dowerah TBWA India Agency Producer

Creative Execution

Tagsy is a device that works on low energy Bluetooth. One needs to download the Tagsy app on their phone and pair the Tagsy button. Then feed preferred 5 contacts. The device then remembers these contacts. Once pressed, Tagsy sends out a link with the exact location of the carrier via SMS, FB, Twitter and email. People who are selected as contacts can be given the option of live tracking the location of the person. The idea was to keep this button discreet. So no advertising or paid PR was undertaken. Instead, only digital direct mailers were sent to a database of women with smartphones in metros. The process was started by selecting testers amongst female opinion leaders.

Over 1500 email sign ups. Many other women’s brands want to tie up to see how they can be part of this initiative. Tech companies have shown interest to develop the product further to include a GSM chip in it. Talks are on with authorities and fleet owners to integrate Tagsy into their existing tracking platforms. Human Resource departments of many large corporations have shown interest to include Tagsy as part of their women employees’ protection.

Insight: In India, 1 rape is reported every 22 minutes. This statistic is emblematic of what a big problem women’s security is in India. Little wonder, there are a bunch of SOS apps available on the smartphone. But the problem lies in there. When a woman is under threat, reaching for a mobile phone, switching on an app is not an option. Strategy: The idea was to create a button that could call for help via different channels. Then make this button look inconspicuous and be accessible in a fraction of a second to women. Idea: Tagsy. A smart accessory for women that hangs from their bags. Thereby, making Baggit an already loved women’s accessory brand the most admired women’s brand too. Once pressed, Tagsy sends out a link with their exact location using, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and email.


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