Product / ServiceMOBILE PHONE ADD-ON
CategoryA01. Use of Technology
Entrant Company SAATCHI & SAATCHI CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Advertising Agency SAATCHI & SAATCHI CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Media Agency VICE Beijing, CHINA
Production Company VISION MAX PRODUCTION Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Tom Eslinger Saatchi/Saatchi Worldwide Director Digital/Social
Fan Ng Saatchi/Saatchi Shanghai Chief Creative Officer
Jonathan Ip Saatchi/Saatchi Shanghai Digital Executive Creative Director
Kat Tan Saatchi/Saatchi Shanghai Creative Director
Kat Tan/Jonathan Ip/Fan Ng/Yao Hua Peng Saatchi/Saatchi Shanghai Art Director
Jun Tong/Serene Loong/Dai Zong Wang Saatchi/Saatchi Shanghai Copywriter
Jonathan Ip/Kat Tan/Yi Zhao Saatchi/Saatchi Shanghai Interactive Art Director
Welsley Woo/Xing Cai Saatchi/Saatchi Shanghai Designer
Zhao Yi/Siniša Spasojević Technical Creative
Zoran Gojković Fenix Developer
Sissy Yang/Ran Yin Saatchi/Saatchi Shanghai Producer
Lily Jin Saatchi/Saatchi Shanghai Creative Service Director
Paul Lin/Gary Yip/Mei Ling Loo Saatchi/Saatchi Shanghai Account Supervisor
Sharon Chen/Camden Hauge Saatchi/Saatchi Shanghai Planner
James Cai/Keno Zhao Director/Production
Tao Yang Producer/Production
Keno Zhao Edelweiss Production Photographer
Meiling Retoucher
Caryn Zhu Producer Production
Calvin Shi/Lesley Qui/Steve Xue/Paul Wang/Ali Zhang/Jok Jiang/I Do Post Producti Other Credits

Creative Execution

MUTESIC: We designed a mobile phone (Andriod) add-on that lets you enjoy your music on any player and helps keep you safe and aware while on the road. It automatically syncs with your current location using GPS to detect critical areas and lowers the music volume when you approach busy road intersections. This ensures that they can still hear ambient and potentially warning sounds to avoid accidents. All you need to do is to download “MUTESIC” from any major APP (ZhuShou 360) portal in China. MUTESIC is currently only available in China and expected to expand globally.

In less than 30 days: - Over 3.8 Million Media Impressions - 55,988 Shares on Social Media - Over 10,000 Downloads - Over 100 Pieces of Media Coverage But the most important thing is music lovers in China can now lower their risk at busy roads.

Vice is a global media and entertainment brand that provides high quality contents including news, music, and fashion, to youths from 18-34 years old. However Vice is still a new brand in China. To recruit and engage this desirable and hard to reach demographic, Vice decided to connect with them through NOISEY (a music channel by Vice) to talk to the youth on what they’re most passionate about and be part of their life - via Music, which is also the most exploited subject by youth brands globally and locally. An astonishing fact caught our attention. Since 2011, traffic accidents have increased by 300% in China because people wearing headphones drown out ambient warning sounds. Our creative solution is to build relevance by creating something that really benefits Chinese youth, allowing them to enjoy music on any player and yet helps keep them safe and aware while on the road.

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