Product / ServiceCOCA-COLA
CategoryB02. Visual Design/ Aesthetic
EntrantISOBAR Shanghai, CHINA
Entrant Company ISOBAR Shanghai, CHINA
Advertising Agency ISOBAR Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Rohan Lightfoot Isobar Managing Director
Tim Doherty Isobar China Chief Creative Officer
Jennifer Lin Isobar Business Director
Brian Liu Isobar Account Service Director
Matt Chen Isobar Creative Director
Mike Chang Isobar Regional Technology Architect
Annie Zhang Isobar Media Planning Director

Creative Execution

For the first time ever Coca-Cola in China put mobile right at the heart of their summer campaign. The lyric idea worked perfectly on packaging, but the added value of the campaign was entirely based on mobile interaction. We designed the experience around We Chat and worked with the We Chat QR code scanning function and sharing functions to ensure a beautiful and seamless user experience for mobile. The mobile scanning, viewing and sharing functions were uniformly effortless throughout. The experience worked for all QR scanners, but was designed to work best in We Chat.

The campaign delivered multiple types of brand engagement. There were over 3 billion impressions in social media and over a million interactions with the brand. The Lyric Coke campaign was reported on by hundreds of TV stations, newspapers and online news portals across China. Most importantly Coca-Cola sales were up over 10% compared to 2013, which is the highest sales volume that Coca-Cola in China have ever recorded for a summer campaign.

Our brief was for a Coca-Cola campaign that started with packaging. It had to work immediately on the shelf, at the point of sale and also generate excitement and conversation around the brand in social media. The core message of the campaign was ‘Share a Coke’. Young people in China find it difficult to express their emotions, for a number of cultural reasons. We realized that a Coca-Cola bottle could be a vehicle for expressing unexpressed emotions by using the emotional power of music. This expression of emotion could happen by sharing physical Cokes and by sharing digital content.


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