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INCSnap is a digital ecosystem that provides verified, real-time key information enabling better decisions in respect of managing community safety during disasters. Our iOS App is designed to maximize user-experience and aid in faster distribution with easy-to-use features, including automatic time-stamp, geo-stamp and User reference. INCSnap has a high level of security to store sensitive information and works in extreme conditions to cater when response staff don’t have phone coverage. Accessible to all 2100 QFES staff, INCSnap provides a formal and secure means for emergency response staff to efficiently capture, deliver, aggregate, manage and disseminate first-response data and images.

Our technology broke new ground in the Emergency Services space in Australia, and we believe Globally. We created a tool that keeps up with the public's social media posts, however providing accurate and verified information. INCSnap has already aided in emergency response management and communication for many major incidents and is now included within the official process for planning around incident responses. During Cyclone Ita, INCSnap played a critical role. INCSnap was the sole source of quality imagery and data during the initial response . It has been credited with informing QFES response coordination, the Premier, and the public through owned media channels; helping save properties and lives. Incsnap has been adopted by the Victorian Fire Services, and it is being reviewed by other emergency services. INCSnap makes a difference and will further help save lives, solve crimes and coordinate disaster responses in a secure, uniform, efficient and organised way.

Unfortunately, natural disasters are common in Australia. Timely and accurate communication to inform the public is critical. There is no room for error when instructing people to evacuate or indeed stay at home during a disaster. If you get it wrong, people could die. But if you work in the Emergency Services and are coordinating public responses to bushfires, floods and cyclones, then social media can be a hindrance rather a help as it becomes inundated with unverified information posted by the general public. Stopping social media posts from the public wouldn’t be possible. But the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) needed a way to keep up with it and provide accurate and verified information from the professionals. With 80% penetration, we knew a smartphone App was the solution. In a world-first, and on a tiny budget, we created "INCSnap" (Incident Snap). This first-responder tool launched in January 2014.

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