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Product / ServiceCHARITY
CategoryA08. Integrated Mobile Campaigns
Entrant Company FCB NEW ZEALAND Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Advertising Agency FCB NEW ZEALAND Auckland, NEW ZEALAND


Name Company Position
James Mok FCB New Zealand Asia Pacific Executive Creative Director
Tony Clewett FCB New Zealand Executive Creative Director
Regan Grafton FCB New Zealand Executive Creative Director
Bryan Crawford FCB New Zealand Chairman And Group Ceo
Greg Wood FCB New Zealand Creative Director
Melina Fioltakis FCB New Zealand Creative
Kevin Walker FCB New Zealand Creative
Sarah Raine FCB New Zealand Account Director
Angela Spain FCB New Zealand General Manager Manager Pr
Nick Smith FCB New Zealand Head Of Craft
Michael Braid FCB New Zealand Designer
Haydn Thomsen FCB New Zealand Head Of Digital Production
James Mcmullan FCB New Zealand Digital Producer
Tony Susi FCB New Zealand Digital Designer
Steph Pearson FCB New Zealand Digital Director
Georgia Boyce FCB New Zealand Social Media Campaign Manager
Allanah Tatana FCB New Zealand Senior Planner/Buyer

Creative Execution

First we created profiles on the mobile platform Instagram based on the identities of real UNICEF children. Then, using real-time notifications we intercepted food photo uploads using the UNICEF profiles to like them en masse. Just as they were about to enjoy their meal. Leveraging the mobile nature of social media we led people to a responsive site, where they could donate and share UNICEF aid food photos on social media for their friends to see - just as they would with a regular food photo. Finally we targeted influential foodies, ambassadors and celebrities to maximise earned coverage

In a controlled two-week trial we intercepted 2,000 local food photos in real-time The response to our timely food photo intercepts were 100 times higher than the average banner click through rate Almost 50% of site traffic was from mobile devices Social outreach generated support amongst well-known local celebrities, food influencers and UNICEF NZ ambassadors, delivering over 80,000 opportunities to see Following this success, UNICEF is now looking to run the campaign globally.

12.5% of the World’s population don’t have enough to eat Yet in the developed world, we have food in such abundance that we’re obsessed with taking photos of our meals and sharing them with mobile photo-sharing apps. It’s a widespread trend that shows no sign of slowing, with close to a million food photos uploaded every day. Our strategy: Harness the unstoppable food photo trend – to give UNICEF NZ a fresh approach to raising awareness and donations. Our idea: Use a timely interruption to remind people who love food, of those who don’t have any. And turn their everyday behavior, into a simple way to prove that food photos really can save lives.


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