Product / ServiceMcDONALD'S
CategoryA01. Use of Technology
EntrantDDB Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company DDB Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency DDB Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Media Agency OMD CHINA Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Tim Schlick DDB Shanghai Business Development
Jeroen Jedeloo DDB Sydney Integrated Program Director
Sara Tomonari DDB Sydney Senior Business Director
Lawrence Chiew DDB Shanghai Account Director
Lisa Zhao DDB Shanghai Senior Account Manager
Mikki Liu DDB Shanghai Account Executive
Michael Lu DDB Shanghai Senior Art Director
Zae Tein DDB Shanghai Account Director
Dylan Harrison DDB Sydney Executive Creative Director
Cameron Hoelter DDB Sydney Creative Director
Richard Morgan DDB Sydney Creative Director
Nic Brennan DDB Shanghai Group Creative Director
Ying Chang DDB Shanghai Associate Creative Director
Candy Liu DDB Shanghai Designer
Sarah Hetherington DDB Sydney Executive Producer
Ferdinand Haratua DDB Sydney Technical Director
Raphael Woo DDB Shanghai Senior Project Manager
Barth Wahlen DDB Sydney Ux Design
Per Thoresson DDB Sydney Html Developer
Johnny Zheng/Robertus Johansyah DDB Sydney Script Programmer

Creative Execution

We started with a craving-inducing offer: Free Fries. Then with Meitu we created a bespoke McDonald’s 'Fry finder' for their app. We then invited people to take photos of anything that resembled a McDonald’s Fry, which they could then exchange for free fries. Photos filled our Weibo website, which people could rate, filter and share. And redeem their free fries.

Campaign generated 3 million clicks in two weeks, 203,234 unique visits to the Weibo campaign page and over 674,738 photos were taken. Consumers created over half a million individual pieces of sharable content on behalf of the brand. And made millions of people think about Fries at times when McDonald’s is not usually on their mind.

Chinese people haven't grown up with McDonald's French fries. We were tasked with igniting Chinese people’s desire for fries virtually from scratch. When you see McDonald’s fries, you crave them – badly. So much so that you begin to see Fries everywhere. Our target audience are huge smart phone users, so we decided to target them through Meitu, China’s largest photo sharing app (the Instagram of China). Meitu has over 20 million daily users.


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