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Media Agency 2 MINDSHARE Mumbai, INDIA
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Media Agency MINDSHARE Mumbai, INDIA


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Anita Kotwani Mindshare Principal Partner
Preeti Macarenhas Mindshare Principal Partner
Manasa Madusudan Mindshare Partner
Nachiket Deole Mindshare Partner
Mohammed Faisal Saiyed Mindshare Manager Strategy

Creative Execution

Castrol launched a mobile app “Castrol Power Biking” that helped bikers do what they always dreamt off. 1. Profile with details of the biker 2. Creating and maintaining biking clubs and planning trips 3. Top 20 destinations to plan a trip. 4. Navigation for best routes. 5. Social rewards for bikers 6. Lubricant purchase offer 7. Bike maintenance tips and travel checklist The launch happened with celebrity biker John introducing the app which was webcasted live. Key Opinion leaders were invited and an Interactive tweet-up participation connected 1Mn followers on the Castrol handle. This was amplified using Social Media.

Reach more than 5mn user on twitter with a most trending #, #thebikerapp, of the day. The campaign resulted with more than 22,000 biker members downloading and engaging. App achieved and maintained a rating of 4.2 which is beyond the industry benchmark. Over 5.2mn seconds = 88000 minutes of engagement in two months. Average engagement of 240 seconds per user. The community came together to form more than 250 biker clubs that scheduled about 1500 trips across the country, with about 25% participation from three of India’s biggest metro cities; Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore.

For bikers in India, there was no platform for connecting them to each other and fueling their desire of sharing experiences, knowledge and achievements with their community Castrol faced a challenge. Despite its popular brand name, there has been a need for it to connect and build a connection with a new set of young audience, start a powerful, engaging conversation that would form a strong base for its brand in the coming years, building its recall many times over driving acceptability in the market. The idea behind creating this application was simple – to reach out to a widely spread out and niche community of bikers across the country, of which about 80% are available on Smartphones and help them connect under one platform. Make this journey of biker connection interesting and exciting, enough to ensure their continual involvement which would eventually lead to sub-community of Castrol Power Biking.


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