Short List
CategoryA07. Mobile Advertising
Entrant Company CHEIL OPENTIDE Beijing, CHINA
Advertising Agency CHEIL OPENTIDE Beijing, CHINA


Name Company Position
Kimmy Liu CheilPengtai Group Creative Director
William Zhou CheilPengtai App Programmer
Juice Wu CheilPengtai Traffic Co/Ordinator
Suyuan Li CheilPengtai Flash Designer
David Zhang CheilPengtai Account Director

Creative Execution

We utilized the advertising program in some frequently used APPs. Such as “China daily weather report”, “51 Book store” etc. The ad will be implanted when user update their APPs. Only when the phone’s gyroscope senses gravity acceleration, the ad will be activated

Result: During the campaign period, the Online purchase conversion rate after browsing ads increased by 120% compared to the previous year. leads to 100,000 online orders. The change from position to timing made all the difference in creating a successful ad. We co-developed more Moblie using situation-based add user emotion-based advertising context with China's famous mobile app platform Union - "adwo". By far has expanded the implementation of precision creative light, movement speed, location-based and sound side advertising.and promote such rich media mobile advertising into more brands.

Problem: As an advertiser, Taikang insurance has implemented numerous mobile advertisements. However, people have usually ignored these ads. Our Brief: How can an unforgettable message be created on mobile to persuade consumers to purchase insurance through mobile phone? Idea: Instead of finding a suitable advertising space, we shifted the focus to finding the appropriate moment to advertise. 1)The moment is..."When you drop your mobile phone" People always rush to pick up their mobile phones when they accidentally drop to the floor, table, or any other surface. Finding out whether or not the screen has cracked or phone been damaged would cause anyone to worry. 2)But, A second later, the fake cracked screen gradually returns to normal! At this point, text will appear from Taikang Advertising: "We'll be there to protect you after an accident" "Taikang Life Insurance " People will experience the whole emotional cycle of an accident through a simulation, during which, we will promote our product.


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