CategoryA01. Use of Technology
Entrant Company VIVACONNECT Mumbai, INDIA
Advertising Agency VIVACONNECT Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Mr. Arvind Gupta Bharatiya Janata Party BJP) India Convener Convener It Cell
Mr. Vikram Raichura Vivaconnect Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director

Creative Execution

A system was built & launched as ‘LiveTalk’, assigning the number +91 022 4501 4501. LiveTalk was promoted extensively through SMS, print & social media (Twitter, Facebook). It was a 24x7 service. Rally Hours 1. Caller is greeted by a welcome message 2. Connects to LIVE audio streaming of rally Non Rally Hours 1. An IVR plays highlighting 6 issues: Inflation, Corruption, Employment, Women’s Safety, Education, Water & Road problem. 2. Caller chooses an issue of his choice by ‘speaking’ the issue (Voice Recognition Service) 3. An excerpt of Narendra Modi’s speech (a recording) concerning the problem is played

430 Public Rallies 3,245,783 LiveTalk Calls 800+ hours of LIVE Audio Broadcast 350+ hours of Pre-Recorded Voice Broadcast Uninterrupted service across 29 Indian states & 7 Union territories Result BJP had a landslide victory winning 282 seats of Indian Parliament. Narendra Modi got anointed as 15th Prime Minister of India on 26th May, 2014. In India, 47.2%* - owns a Television set 19.9%** - access Internet Whereas, 74.09%*** of Total Population uses a Mobile Phone. LiveTalk splendidly surpassed the traditional media of Live broadcast to build an on-demand channel of instant connect • Easy accessibility over every mobile handset • Crossed barrier of Location & Literacy • Didn't require Internet connectivity • Reach 100% of the Mobile Phone Audience LiveTalk became poor man’s YouTube! * - Census of India 2011 ** - Internet Live Stats 2014 *** - Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) 2014

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) - Indian political party, wanted to garner maximum mass support with 430 public rallies they had proposed to be held across India, as a part of their pre-election campaigning during Indian General Elections 2014. The Objective – Gaining reach for amplifying Brand Awareness & Engagement 1. Reaching every Indian citizen 2. Building 'Narendra Modi' brand stronger among electoral audience Taking Narendra Modi’s voice, that is a voice of a promising and confident leader and delivering it to every Indian commoner’s ear. Effectively penetrating the media dark areas of the country and connecting with audiences who couldn't be physically present at rallies. Target Audience 814 million eligible voters of India Solution Taking entire rally live over the most easily accessible media channel - Mobile The Challenge • Offering real-time feed of the speech over a voice call • System robust enough to handle a million concurrent calls


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