Product / ServiceMEN'S BIORE
CategoryA03. Mobile Applications
Entrant Company D2C Taipei, CHINESE TAIPEI
Advertising Agency D2C Taipei, CHINESE TAIPEI


Name Company Position
Bruce Chen D2C D2C Taiwan) Inc. Creative Director
Jerry Lin D2C D2C Taiwan) Inc. Account Manager
Ollie Chiu D2C D2C Taiwan) Inc. Senior Designer
Athena Tang D2C D2C Taiwan) Inc. Account Executive
Cece Chiu D2C D2C Taiwan) Inc. Account Executive
Senkai Wang D2C D2C Taiwan) Inc. Sales Director

Creative Execution

Execution: Since the brand already tried many other mass media as marketing tools and could not achieve the objective, for this project the budget is one hundred percent allocated to mobile marketing. Mobile execution: The setting of various sounds for waking up call and virtual girlfriend presence on the screen create intimate feeling to the user which matches brand messages. I And also not to giving the image of the brand are pushing the user to use the products many UI and UX are specially arranged to match both target audience and the brand.

Evaluation: Within the first 2 weeks of the release, “Honey Call” app was ranked No.2 in the Lifestyle category of the Apple store and Google Play. Over thirty thousand downloads were made within two weeks and has been increasing continually. The brand image and impression are highly recognized by the target audience through this app because of its design and function. It also breaks through the client’s mission of traditional marketing approach. Market impact: The brand which leads to power up the app last fall to provide a fall/winter version to retain user attachment and loyalty. It can be with the user throughout the year just like the products. It builds constant communication channel with the users and the ROI for the mobile marketing was maximized. After all, Men’s Biore has established a creative insight for relationship building among men’s skincare product with this innovative tactic in Taiwan.

The target audiences are aware of Men’s Biore, the product brand through attractive endorsers on TV commercials. The mass media exposure has succeeded to build brand’s recognition and developed products value. However, it did not succeed in the area of leading the target audience to build a constant habit on products usage. Since the products are usually used during the morning time after waking up from the bed, the tactic is to use the simplest effective way to remind the target user. The strategy is to utilize the alarm function on the smartphone to wake up the target everyday with his virtual girlfriend. The brand’s mission is to build a new communication channel with target users on daily basis, and at same time remind them for constant use of Men’s Biore products which in turns will help them to become as attractive as the TV commercial’s endorsers to opposite gender.


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