Product / ServiceDUREX
CategoryA01. Use of Technology
Entrant Company LEO BURNETT Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Advertising Agency LEO BURNETT Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA


Name Company Position
Eric Cruz Leo Burnett Malaysia Executive Creative Director
Iska Hashim Leo Burnett Malaysia Creative Director
Mukund Olety Leo Burnett Malaysia Creative Group Head
Andiry Tan Yong Chern Leo Burnett Malaysia Art Director
Lau Kuan Cheng Leo Burnett Malaysia Business Director
April Yim Leo Burnett Malaysia Social Media Associate Director
Mei Ling Leo Burnett Malaysia Account Manager
Jin Yeap Leo Burnett Malaysia Project Manager
Soo How Leo Burnett Malaysia Senior Technical Manager
Reza Rosli Leo Burnett Malaysia Technical Director
Tsen Joon Onn Leo Burnett Malaysia Multimedia Engineer
Pravin Sutar Leo Burnett Malaysia Art Director

Creative Execution

This content was solely driven by social - right from seeding to full blown promotions. There are a lot of sensitivities involved when you advertise a condom in a muslim country like Malaysia. The media team had to specially keep this in mind while executing the project.

The results were not surprising. When people feel, they like! Over 75 thousand fingers became part of the story with in the first 3 days and the Durex Malaysia Facebook page grew by over 30%.

Durex was launching RealFeel condoms, its latest innovation that promises a real skin on skin experience. To illustrate this, we did not stop with just doing a film. Introducing Durex Touch, an experiential smart film that is powered by your touch. It's a film that you don't just view but become a part of and actually feel. The film features a girl and you go through all the highs and lows of a relationship with her. From casual touches to more intimate ones, you are always with her. Without you being there, the story does not progress further. At key points across the film, things became more engaging. And all this was being done for a very conservative market like Malaysia.

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